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    Umm... What????
  2. Thats cool. You are aware of the situation with his website, he is mot the first to take this tact haha. Thanks for the info, and I enjoyed a read of your blogg. Let me know if I can help
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    Dear Sir,

    yes i have seen the link, this is what Al Martin does - because I came online and had a pop at him I fully expect to recieve a whole load of abuse, from different users (all Al), different e-mail ad's etc etc, he is truly a nut case.

    I met him once as described earlier in the post and i have confirmed my identity with Jeff fromt he site. I thought it best to pm you as it can all get confusing.

    By the way I am a moderator and have been for a few years at if you need external credability checks etc etc.


    Jim Neeter
  4. John Junior called wondering why he hasn't heard from you.
    I think a door just got close.

    Things have changed on this end. Sorry guy.
  5. Call if you want I'm up ... 630-605-0474.
  6. Stick areound I'm going to hang Floyd Webb with 19+ pages of his insanity. Chat logs ... he's known all of this since Oct- Nov 1998

    He called John Cole AGAIN; this time I guess he decided I'm a homosexual. It's ok, Mr Cole will take the stand. for the record.

    Your going to get a dose of the truth to noght .. Alll I'll edin out is what the cops might be looking into ... even the typos stay .... Call me if you want the back story ... you'll laugh, you'll cry but you know some of the tuth you're being denied.
  7. 630-605-0474
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This thread never was a high quality conversation - My friend vern Gilbert on the William Acquier thread.

The fight in question having started over who owns which piece of rubble. Nicko1;2233174 On the Acquier Kim Fiasco slash thread.


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