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    3/06/2015 6:29am, 
    This is broadly right. In fact the supposed opposition between "external" and "internal" has been blown out of proportion, in several ways:- 1)...
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    3/01/2015 6:24am, 
    LOL, it's this kind of crap that gives this stuff a bad name. The real problem with all this stuff is magical thinking. See, normally, with...
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    2/27/2015 2:10pm, 
    LOL, great minds think alike (and fools seldom differ) :)
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    2/26/2015 3:54pm, 
    I recently reviewed some of the comments on Youtube and other MA forums about this clip, and it's highly instructive to observe reactions to it. ...
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    2/26/2015 12:18am, 
    My favourite is the Belfast: "have you ever had to pick your teeth up off the floor with broken fingers?"
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    2/25/2015 10:47pm, 
    The problem with qi/ki is that it's a general term for "motivating force", and that term gets cashed out in various ways in various contexts. ...
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    7/13/2014 10:46pm, 
    gurugeorge replied to a thread Ello in YMAS
    Oh, a thing I forgot to mention. I have actually used my l33t skillz in a "street" confrontation. Roundabout the late 90s, me and a musician friend...
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    7/07/2014 3:17am, 
    gurugeorge started a thread Ello in YMAS
    First off I have to apologize to the mods. I actually signed up to give a brain dump on my opinions re. the history and functionality of TCMA in the...
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    7/03/2014 8:09pm, 
    OK, I was idly browsing teh interwebz re. MA and came across this interesting and informative thread, so I've registered to contribute. FWIW, this...
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