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About SmartAnimal
Primary Style:
Kali Ilustrisimo / BJJ
San Diego
Martial Arts Experience:
Studied Goju Ryu from age 3 to age 13, got my "baby blackbelt" (Shonenbu Shodan). If anything it gave me great ukemi and made me less scared to take a hit.

Took a big break from martial arts through high school.

In college I spent a little time training in the Bujinkan, left because I have no Idea how I would use it in a real fight and although I met some guys in that org that could definitely move, I found the whole thing to not be my style.

I trained Muay Thai for about a year in college, was exposed to Krabi Krabong and ended up loving the stick and blade work. I kind of enjoyed muay thai, my kru was pretty badass. Left for financial reasons.

Fast forward to now. The blades and sticks that intrigued me brought me to the FMA. In my search for the best of the best in San Diego, I found the Kali Ilustrisimo guys, training now under Brandon Ricketts, son of the late Master Topher Ricketts (Rest in Peace). We spar hard, stay in shape, and it's the most fun I've had in a long time.
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