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Brooklyn, NY
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10 yrs old: Started Judo, wanted to learn Karate but said martial art, so my dad takes me here. Quit after 1 month because 10 yr olds think grappling is teh ghey.

12-13: Takes up TKD under Joel Otero in Brighton Beach, stays for .5-1 year. Not as Mcdojo/Bullshido as other TKD schools, cheap monthly fee, no contracts. Emphasis on Cardio/Conditioning/Pt. Sparring, but no LARPing or anti-tournament/competitiveness.
Left because was better than most there.

14-15: Wushu under Sifu Zhang Yuan in Bay Ridge, 1 year. Somewhat McDojo/Bullshido, still no contracts. Emphasis on forms, Students were cultlike Anime freaks, left because of the Larping. About around here I stumble onto Bullshido.

15-Now: Goes back to the Judo school under Kiyoshi Shiina, 7/8th Dan, certified by Kodokan. Currently yellow belt.

Looking for standup art, Boxing ok but muay Thai preferred. Must be in Brooklyn, Traveling to Manhattan takes ~1 hour.


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