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About Jdude
Primary Style:
Combat shooting
Martial Arts Experience:
7 years of shooting various firearms.

1 month of karate at a mcdojo, Level 1 army bjj plus rolling or sparring with anyone who has the time and patience to teach me anything.

Yes, I am a noob ;)
Recent Guest: Those guns aren't safe in your house. What if someone breaks in and takes it from you and shoots you?
Me: ...(silence)... you gotta be kidding me, right? Does he have a mad ninja skill that lets him take my gun with ease but I cannot do anything in response? We aren't dealing with ninjas and super jesus power here.
Guest: Yeah, but what if?
Me: If a guy breaks in, takes my gun away *after* I have shot him several times, *after* my wife has shot him several times, and *after* the dog has bit him, then dammit- he deserves to rob me.


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