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Tae Kwon Do ( Kang Duk Kwon school) All TKD was prior to armor and McDojo'ism Minors were allowed to study only starting at 16 with parent permission. Contact was the rule, including face and groin, albeit light contact in those areas Conditioning was heavily emphasised. Sparring and tournament competition was rough and tumble. Studied Judo at same time thru College PE dept. Prior to TKD becoming dominant in my area I learned my basics techniques in Kyokoshinkai. This was in 60's and mid70's Was 1st degree BB in TKD Practiced with College club. A BB was usually 4-6 yrs practice at 3-4 times a week. Then 2 yrs min time in grade to next level. No 5 yrs to make Sandan That was unheard of and considered suspicious. In the service moved around exposed to to Shorinryu and FMA (Arnis). Post service tried Aikido (grab my wrist) didn't like it. went MA dormant resumed with BJK 2 yrs and was disappointed. All during "dormant" period kept in shape with running weight training Heavy/speed b
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