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  1. Actually Alex...

    Go start another cry baby thread on Sociocide..
  2. LOL

    This amuses me

  3. The grand irony is that no matter who tries to help him (lord knows I did many times), the magnitude of his butthurt is off the charts. He truly is lost in the dark, and rather than take the hands that plunge in to save him, he nips at them like a retarded monkey-boy.
  4. Doofus is acting like a million Bullshido trolololos before him.

    He comes here. He cries; he acts out; demands justice for imagined "abuse", believes somehow acting like an asshole online is the BEST way to clear things up. It didn't work for JFS, Rudy, or countless, fucking COUNTLESS people before him.
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    I don't know, nor am I really inclined to be in the know, what has been going on on Sociocide; but it seems like if you really want it to stop, you need to either quit posting and messaging completely or contribute some martial knowledge. I honestly think RA would rather you go the latter route.
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    Delicious, much like the beer.
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    doofa, I honestly feel like you're taking this too far. Even when I contributed practically nothing (RIGHT after RA and I first 'met'), he still politely helped me with information via PMs. I don't think he would ride your ass if he didn't fully believe you capable of posting more than one-liners. I can't say I would blame you for not being interested in humoring Wabbit with his posts about dissecting kata, but it would be nice to see you share some of your martial knowledge here.
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    I feel like this entire mess could be easily solved with a single throwdown...
  9. I have not posted since 24th of july 2014, yet Rock ape still sees fit to try to troll me 'moderate' my profile

    I don't think your attitude towards me has anything to do with what I have posted Dave
  10. Wow dave

    You realy are obsessed

    i'm flattered

    i must be realy upsetting you

    But the more you poke me, the more i will poke you back
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