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About Aiki-shugyo

Basic Information

Date of Birth
February 2, 1970 (48)
About Aiki-shugyo
Primary Style:
budo core body training
Kyoto, Japan
Other Interests and Information:
body movement, languages, history
atmospheric science
Martial Arts Experience:
b.Cape Town,RSA. 13-19 T.Donovan's Isshinryu Karate. Motivation:SD,fitness. Result:stronger guys still stronger,no power,fitness and flexibility up,discover loads of jerks in MA world (dojo as sex pit,fraud,mind-control,self-delusion).

19+ Aikido. Motivation:detailed instruction,nice people,philosophy. Result:fewer jerks,more delusion,still no power,way more fun.

1998 Japan. 2000 join Abe Seiseki. 3 yrs looking for clue. Motivation:aiki power. Result:slight increase in hip power,more delusion,dissatisfied with locals' ideas of MA,no answers to basic questions.

2005 find Akuzawa,Tokyo. Motivation:body knowledge indispensible to MA. Result:tension-based martial chi-gungs immediate effect on posture,effective strength and self-knowledge.

Current practices:core strengthening via martial and halth chi-gungs,ballroom and salsa dancing,ballet,flute. Integration of essentials into everyday actions, feel contstant existence of body connections, their interactions with movement and b
Find out how something works, then you can know its functionality and limits


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