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About Coach Mark
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Karate, Judo, BJJ, JJJ...
scottsdale Az
Instructor PT, and MMA
Martial Arts Experience:
Mark Hibler began training in martial arts at the age 7 when he fell in love with the arts.

Influenced by his Grandfather All Mccardell,(military combatives ) Mark Began his journey with Take kwon Do- with Grand Master Bu Kwon Park & Sung Wuk Chung Take Kwon Do has some of the best kicking drills in the business. The drills taken from this art make for total focus and control of your kicking power. combined with Mauy Thai power, and Karate angles, makes for Explosive kicks.

At age 17 he began training in Shri Ryu Karate & Sabaki footwork. Gaining his black belt under Master (Please help if anyone knows Karate Sensi in Brooksville FLA) of Lesburg Fla.Taking with him , the heavy strikes, and stable foot work and angles of Karate.

By age 20, he had searched out Master and World Judo Champion (Cage Fighting Champion) Christopher Linenger, and Began his journey to understanding leverage and throws. The Grappling arts had him hooked

At 22 He Sought out the Ground ”Up-Grade” in Brazilian jiu jitsu finding a home with 3rd degree BJJ Black Belt Master Jerry Laurita- who is currently under the famous and respected Joe Morreria. 3 years formal training he received his blue belt and has plans to continue down his path to Black Belt in this intricate art.
along with BJJ mark is now going for his black belt in Tomiki Akido, and JJJ

influenced by Krav , Defendo, and Raw Combat...

Mark has competed and won in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and submission grappling competitions as well as many stand up “Striking” competitions.

Today he enjoys sharing the art of MMA around the world through his YouTube Channel, and by teaching at the home academy in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Quick Shout outs to 1) Sensi Tim Vanderhof- of Rising Sun Karate also in Scottsdale and 2) Sensi Vlad of Scottsdale Juku Kyokushin Karate 3) Derek -East Valley Krav Maga 4) Club Sar Boxing-
Originally Posted by Omega Supreme
I live the way of the warrior
Courage is my shield
Honor is my armor
Discipline is my sword

The way of the warrior is a lonely one

Ready to protect I seek the path to peace
I will always do what is right
In triumph I gain Humility
In Defeat I gain Wisdom
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