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  1. You know, now I know I'm under your skin.. By the way.. you enjoying your new "expert" tag associated with your account ?

  2. You have no fucking idea. PERIOD
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    BJJ is not from koryu or any other form of japanese jujutsu, it is derived from Judo, with add ons from other styles of grappling (wrestling, sambo itself a derivitive of Judo, catch wrestling).

    The infamous "triangle choke" was learned by the Gracies from a Judo book.
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    Royce Gracie is full of ****. Maeda taught them Kodokan Judo as it was practiced at the time.

    It's marketing, Judo was the main competitior for BJJ when the Gracies were doing the whole UFC thing. We have had huge flame wars in the past over this, especially when BJJ was first arriving on the scene. It's all settled.
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    Judo at one time used leg locks of various sorts in randori and shiai. Kano himself changed the rules to disallow them. That was a lot longer than 20 0r 30 years ago. Crap, I started doing Judo 30 years ago!

    The advent of leg locks in BJJ is a modern phenomena, from catch or even Sambo.
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    Your'e just telling me stuff I've known for a long time regarding the gracies and Maeda. I'm glad you understand though.
  7. DUFUS
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    You're getting owned by people who have spent a good portion of their lives living what you've only read about.
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