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    Training going well, injuries aside. Pulled a hammy recently, so other muscles are working over time which is hurting. I'm resting right now, sore in more ways than I can imagine. Got completely worked by Joel and Ty last night wrestling, not my best showing, considering the leg, but they're both awesome enough to humble the **** out of me. Unfortunately didn't get to full spar with them cause I was needed in the Acceleration course, or I need the Acceleration course, I don't know, lol.
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    **** yeah I was, bro. Last time we rolled you were smashing me so I need some advantage. I hear you're training a shitload lately?!
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    Cheers bro.
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    Down to 89kg. Strong though, not like in the past where I was 90 with smaller muscles. I'm a fucking beast!
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    Holy crap, is that a Samurai Darth Revan?
  6. Don't Hate on Me check yourself first. Peace
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    WTF!? I just read your and Miyagi's conversation here. I fucking told you both up front, there is enough battlefields to go around.
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    Dude, your motto should be "Weaponising Pictures From The Net".
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    Battlefields mentioned your coffee date to me, you know, when we were all sweaty after class, having been really...*close* to each other. I don't want to have to fight over would break this forum apart...*bites lip*.
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