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  1. I don't expect any of you to get every little detail correct it has taken me 5 years of training to get the details I have and I am still missing way more of the puzzle than I understand. It is all part of the journey.
  2. It will come with time. But you just have to continue to try and never give up no matter how frusterated you get.
  3. You can't just do drlls they are boring you have to teach substance with a class. In 3 months you will understand a few moves but sill not get them all. If you sit and drill 1 move a month then you would be 3-5 yrs before you could roll with any understanding. It is overwelming at first but jiu jitsu has far more substance than karate. You can only punch and kick so many ways but you can do the same move 1 million ways in jiu jitsu.
  4. That class is full of complete beginers they have been doing jiu jitsu 3 weeks. What I am teaching is bare bones basics. Yes some people learn faster than others this is true "You have to learn how to learn martial arts" it is not easy. Nor are you expected to learn a move overnight that is why it takes so long to progress in jiu jitsu. If I taught BJJ like karate noone would stay past there 2nd or 3rd class.
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    I also hate when I am struggling with something and others are getting it because they are more advanced than me.
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    As you saw...I am big, but not the quickest martial art learner...I get the mental part as I am not stupid...I just need a little more practice to master something.
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    So, you aren't a Bull's fan...Lol...

    My question to you is this...I have never done it...but...I think I need to learn the bare basics first...What you were teaching seemed to be a little more than the basics...I enjoyed it, but wasn't sure I was learning it. One thing about Karate that Mike teaches is he makes us do it over and over and over again until it is mastered.
  8. The best part of there program however is there workouts. I really wouldn't put much stock in what you learn there. If you doubt my opinion call Tim Creduer @ gladiator mma in laffy and ask his opinion on bulls gym. He is a current UFC fighter. He will say something like " There a bunch of douche bags who know nothing " Thats a quote from what he told me at the Ryron Gracie seminar. (Which I brought Ryron to cenla in the first place.) I just don't like guys teaching MMA who don't know MMA.
  9. No I was the BJJ coach at bulls for about 6 months. anything you learn there I taught them or it is going to be garbage. I like most of the guys at bulls several of which still come to me for there training :-) You don't have to "Get into shape to do jiu jitsu" jiu jitsu will get you in shape. It is a better work out in and of itself than what your doing at bulls.
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    Lol...Had a feeling it was you...As far as deciding to not train at all with you, I haven't decided...Just need to get in shape and the MMA training is a catalyst to help get me there...BTW, I am not going to train with Clint or Danny...You didn't like Bull's?
    Where should I go then?
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