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About Cold_Skin

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About Cold_Skin
Primary Style:
Okinawan Go Ju Ryu
Shenandoah PA
Other Interests and Information:
Parkour, Art, Music, the fun stuff
Martial Arts Experience:
I have 12 years worth of Okinawan Go Ju Ryu Karate Do training under my belt, due to financial issues I had to drop the class just one test behind my Sho Dan(black belt) ranking. Still wanting to persue a career in MA I wish to finish my Go Ju Ryu training and find an Aikido dojo. Now when I say "find" and Aiki school, I mean scout out at least 20 local dojo's to make sure I don't get some **** **** McDojo that's gonna be a waste of time and money, cause I know there's alot of these **** face schools out there.
"Never do what is not necassary." -Miyamoto Musashi
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