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    Hey buddy,

    I know I promised to send you a video of my teachers Taiji ages ago. Well I've finally managed to upload it to youtube. Took 32 hours.

    Nice to see you posting again.

    Take care,

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    No sweat. I do this stuff for a living, so it goes fast for me. I'll be interested to see your response. I'm going to be off of Bullshido for a few days soon, so if I don't reply for a bit, that's all that's going on. I'll be sure to check the thread when I am back!

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About Resonance10
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SarfLondon UK
Other Interests and Information:
Music, play guitar (badly) for ska/funk/reggae band.
Reading, Popular Science stuff, Sci/Fi Fantasy. some biogs, Military ops/bios
philosophy, religious studies
Drinking Beer NOT lager! Nice whiskey
Intermitant Taoist retreat attendee, Lungmen se
Premises Manager
Martial Arts Experience:
Judo 2 years as a teen, never should have stopped!
Hung Gar 8+ years ( 6 years Chiu Chi Ling line 2+ Chan Hong Chung line) no longer practice really, sometimes go through Moi Fah for old times sake.
South Mantis 6+ years ( Chow Gar Ip Sui line under 2 different teachers) Stopped no longer practice.
Boxing 1 years just twice weekly gym attendance.
Bagua 8 'Dragon' Palms not sure where from. 12 years ago? Still do them.
Beijing 24 simplified 'Yang' form, 42 Combined styles competition form, Sun style competition form..learned 16 odd years ago. Teach them on occasion.
Hebei Hsingyi 15 years
WuYuHsiang Taijiquan 15 years
All the above so called 'internal' stuff from one teacher line of Dan Yui Kuei of Xingtai Hebei province.
All lengths of study are rough estimates but in the right ballpark!
Once monthly Taiji instruction (push hands etc) from Nick Osipczak (raisedspirit) wish it could be more.. Once weekly MMA at New Wave Academy South hurts.
"Beliefs are what divide people. Doubt unites them" Peter Ustinov
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