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I'm pure-blood Polish. This may not be a surprise to you.
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Don't ask me about forms, katas, Dance Dance Revolution, or whatever your style calls them. I'm a fighter. I started from the first day in arts geared toward actual combat, and conditioning toward that. I have a strong base in boxing. Real boxing, I've had feminine hygene products in my nostrils, doesn't get any more real than that. Flash forward a few years and I'm training seriously in full contact, real MMA. A bit biased toward striking arts, and I hate Mcdojos like they were the French. This is why I'm here.
I'd love to help other martial artists improve, but I'm a poor teacher. but not as bad as the schmucks I've seen taking money from the uneducated public and filling their heads with jibberish that could get them killed.
I've been in real fights. I don't mean full contact sparring, I mean bone on sidewalk. I didn't always win, but I know how to survive.
I'm not here to make fun of ninjas and fat kids. I'm here to close these shacks.
Without Forgiveness, there is Insanity-Unknown


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