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About ghummel

Basic Information

About ghummel
Primary Style:
Muay Thai/JKD/FMA/Silat
Salt Lake City, UT
Other Interests and Information:
B.S. Clinical Psychology
Working toward Nursing and Anthropology degrees.
Obsessive about psychology, anthropology, martial arts, and medicine/nursing.
Prior experience in crisis management (suicide line as well as CI debriefings and PTSD assessment) and institutional care.
Currently an unemployed and starving student.
Martial Arts Experience:
Trained extensively in Muay Thai since I was 14 (parents owned a Thai restaurant until recently, had the opportunity to train under several trainers MTIK and TBA) Trained in JKD/Jun Fan Gung Fu and Inosanto Blend Kali for a number of years. A minute exposure to BJJ, CSW, Judo, Tae Kwon Do (ITF), Krav Maga (KMF) through formal college courses or from stablemates. 2 amatuer muay thai fights.
A certain amount of life experience and specialized training in psychology and pre-medical training, as well as anthropology also garner insight. Currently trying to look for training partners to get back into fighting shape. Also training very informally in Butki Negara Penchak Silat.
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