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    I've just moved to Russell Lea and soon will be looking for a place to train. Any luck on finding a good inner west grappling joint (for low cost, lol, like that'll happen)?
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    How goes training?
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    Psst, I was saying ADM had already told you. Danno is the guy I know from SPMA.
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About Katriona1992

Basic Information

About Katriona1992
Primary Style:
Boxing and No Gi BJJ
Other Interests and Information:
Chess (real nerdy style) and playing the Cornet (loudly)
1st year unviersity student

Part-time receptionist at some medical centre
Martial Arts Experience:
February 2009- July 2010:
Did a year and a half worth's (approximately 216 hours) of WTF taekwondo at Eastern Dragon Taekwondo Federation ( Reached 4th Geup (blue belt). Went to a local sparring competition (WTF rules) and got third place utilising a very simple combination (roundhouse kick, then go in and spam punches into the hogu/chest protector). I beat quite a few 1st Geup (black striped red belts) at that tourney. Realizing this, I came to the conclusion that tkd wasn't very practical (or else randomly punching against more experienced practitioners would not have worked). Shortly afterwards, I left the club.

September 2010- January 2011:
I joined a BJJ club after searching around for a bit. Class was usually taught by one of the three brown belts. I found BJJ to be hard but at the same time alot of fun ( By the time I left to go to university in Australia, I had five months experience (around 55 hours mat time) with the club and had gotten my first stripe. Will definately be coming back here to learn this December!

Feburary 2011- Now
I started off this year by doing both boxing and judo but found it to be physically and mentally too taxing. Dropped to pure boxing around July (the cheaper of the two) and am currently preparing for my amateur debut match on the 22nd October.Got around 50 hours mat experience in judo and was a 4th kyu (orange belt). 70 hours in boxing and still counting...

Also have a little experience with Jim Fung's Chun (was forced to go with little cousin) and kyoukushin karate (was good but I like boxing more)...

Bottom line: Been doing MA for two and a half years now and its my FAVOURITE thing to do besides slacking off or sleeping. Skills are still relatively noobish and the majority of bullshido users should be able to pwn me in a matter of minutes (or less)! Goal for 2012: Stick to ONE or TWO arts and stop @#(*@( SWITCHING AROUND!
You can't catch the tiger's cub unless you dare to step into its cave
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