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    You done fucked up now boy.
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    BTW, in Leroy's picture there is a box behind him marked VERY FRAGILE. It has another box piled on top of it and it looks kind of banged up. You may want to have him check the contents.
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    It would be really nice if you would go to your thread and answer the questions posed to you. If you have been honest about your experiences then simply answer the questions. If a potential student posed these same questions, what would your answers be? If you were dishonest you would be a much bigger person to admit it, you may even gain some respect in doing so. Remaining silent is only going to confirm peoples thoughts about you.
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    I was civil to you on the phone. No reason not to be.

    You have yet to answer any questions as to where and by whom you were taught Native American fighting tactics.

    I did not call you a bad person. Liar was the word used.
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    You're a delusional liar.
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