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    Welcome back.

    Check the thread. You need to consider editing some old dating sites.
  2. going great thanks for asking. i dont remember who u r exactly and dont really care to look back and see, so tell me
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    How goes training?
  4. .................................................. .................................................. ................
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    Does your boyfriend use lube when he fucks you or does he just spit and split?
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    Okay, I was sort of concerned about the box. I'm glad you're going to fess up, it's going to piss people off royally but it's the right thing to do :)
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    Hey young buck, just tell the truth. You were honest with me in email and on the phone, I think typing the reasoning behind your posting would be a lot easier. And check your email for crying out loud.

    Oh and please tell Leroy about the potentially damaged very fragile box.
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    I cannot wait until the investigation into your bullshit is written up and is the number one search on google. I'm stunned that anyone could be so dumb as to be taken in by some tubby wannabe Cherokee aged nineteen.
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    please check your email
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    I realize you think this is all a joke, but NO ONE else does. Please answer some questions, or tuck your tail and GTFO.
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