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      Originally posted by TomMack View Post
      I'm glad to see that you are still on this tread MTripp
      I'd like to see if there is any evidence involding the bouts/fights that Morihei Ueshiba had with Judoka , Karateka , wrestlers , boxers etc . I have read about these fights in Aikido books but never read of specifics . Who did he fight ? When ? How old was he at the time . How good were his opponents

      This thread has pretty much run its course, but we know many of his early students were highly accomplished in other (sparring) arts and yet still held Ueshiba in very high regard. Whatever Ueshiba eventually became as an old man or who he actually sparred is a fairly moot point. He was accepted by the top Japanese martial artists at the time as one of the best, and I think it is fair to trust their judgment as we cannot go back in time. MTripp could have ripped apart aikido in many ways but I'm going to give the ippon to Des. and DCS.

      Tl;dr. More muppets and song numbers needed.



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