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Aikido Supermen

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  • Sri Hanuman
    Go for it, Mr. Tripp.
    Smack the reality back into chi powered hippies.

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  • Mtripp
    started a topic Aikido Supermen

    Aikido Supermen

    I think it is time to deal with this once and for all.

    Jon Blumming did the world a great service when he told the truth about Oyama and the book "This is Karate." Oyama fans feel differently.

    For 50 years I have heard the fatuous claims from the Aikido world from books that liken Morihei Ueshiba to Jesus Christ.

    I have heard variations of stories from claims that the US Army has video of him defeating (insert any number here as it varies) large men all the while just smiling and dancing; to Ueshiba "leaping" up into a tree like a ninja, and on and on.

    It is up to the powers that be; but I would like to take the time to go over all of these stories and Aikido itself, to have the definitive history and truth placed here where it belongs.

    Is that ok? Because I assure you, its not going to be pretty.


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