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    Originally posted by Gabetuno
    Objection noted, but sadly, the entire art seems to be festering with steaming piles. With the exception of the Columbus Ninjitsu guys, I have seen nothing noteworthy, and worse, a lot of major wads dancing around and LARPing.
    you won't really see anybody posting on youtube or doing dvds. none of the experienced people i've met cotton to such showboating.

    it's funny in a way that the people you see pushing the "ninja" angle, do so in a very public way. which kind of defeats the purpose. if i had to think of an analogy, it would be comparing real cowboys to all of the gunslingers in the pulp fiction written in the late 19th and early 20th century.


      Originally posted by Morph
      I fondly recall a former-Booj class where the instructor recreated the events of the airplane going down during 9/11 and how HE would have handled it!
      That reminds of an old montypython skit, in which a group of old ladies re-enact the Battle of Hastings.
      very funny.


        Originally posted by shinobi08
        :ninja7:Bujinkan budo is the only true martial art for everyone who understand what true martial art means.All of you who split from bjk are lost souls when you talk bad about your

        past cause spending time in something you should'nt is stupid.We don't need anyone who think that his training in Budo will make him better person,or magician,or powerful

        fighter.True Budo is not inside Budo as a form,as you see it.It's so hard for you to explain simlpy becouse you can't understand.Budo lives inside all who dedicated their life

        searching for truth,and the truth is that mankind is surviving since always,survival is life itself in its purest form.So,Bujinkan is just a perfect example how to handle every

        situation,at least for me.Remember it's not the style but the man who practice.It's not good for everyone to be ninja or samurai or streetfighter,cause it can't be real.It's good to

        be what you want to be,or if you prefer,what Bujin choose you to be,who lives inside you.It's wrong to teach silent walking to a terrorist,so we keep it for private lessons,and

        you must not trust videos or books or a bad teachers cause they are trying to teach what it can't be teachen.We are for real cause life is for real.And it's wrong to attack others,so

        we fight in selfdefence only,as in this forum.Just show how good you are in your own art and you are making progress in real budo giving people choise.But it's ok if you hate us

        and it's ok for bad people to trust you in this forums and it's awesome that they will never be part of us so they can join you.I'll be happy even if i am alone on this forum,but i'm not!:evil7:

        Nope ! There are many more ..just like you .....

        YouTube - The Return of Kung Fu Hillbilly (Part 2)


          I wish it were possible to give you 2 negative varrots at once. One for necroing a thread to post random bullshit and one for bringing another ninjerjitsu thread to the first page.


            Originally posted by maofas
            I wish it were possible to give you 2 negative varrots at once. One for necroing a thread to post random bullshit and one for bringing another ninjerjitsu thread to the first page.
            If it wasnt for for digging up the dead you would never get laid, random as it may be i enjoyed it, looked for a ninja thread to post it on....much like your mom looks for drunk contractors so you have someone to call dad :thefinger


              Originally posted by 7thSamurai
              He made some valid points. I think a lot of people would say that many of the traditional styles were harder years ago before insurance and instructor liability became an issue. Most schools nowadays are watered down and geared towards youth and soccer moms who don't want to see Little Timmy banged up and don't want to break their own nails while doing cardio.
              This post caught my eye. I can't say, but would anyone know how geared MAs are within other countries? Namely, how deep does the "Waiting room for parents" extend out to? Not arguing that such is necessarily bad or that children shouldn't have any concern for safety etc, but I'm wondering (If we take into account, traditional arts being more mass marketed with consumerism/baby sitting now vs then) But it is very interesting to look at such and ponder, much like a doctor, how much of a hampering can be wrapped around instructors/teachings for fear of lawsuits or angry parents.



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