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For all you supposed students of "aikijutsu"

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    For all you supposed students of "aikijutsu"

    There's been an abundance of new posts around the general forums recently from people claiming to study "aikijitsu" Aikijujutsu" et al.

    Given that I'm sick to the fucking back teeth of repeating myself to these people who seem oblivious to the facts surrounding what actually *is* aikijujutsu etc etc, I post the following article.

    Read it and take fucking note.

    The highlights are mine
    Originally posted by Tobin E Threadgill
    *Please recognize that the following is a generalization of some very intricate concepts so there will naturally be occasional exceptions to these comments that cannot be appropriately addressed in a forum like this.

    First, although aiki jutsu has come to be associated with aikijujutsu they are actually two different things. Aikijujutsu is a specific martial art while aiki jutsu is a group of principles, theories or techniques utilized in several martial disciplines. Your question properly stated should probably have been "aikijujutsu vs aikido?"

    Aikido was founded by Ueshiba Morihei who recieved a Kyoju Dairi license in Daito ryu aikijujutsu from headmaster Takeda Sokaku. Daito ryu was probably the first art to use the term aiki as a means of defining its greater curriculum. It must be noted that Shidare Yanagi ryu evidently used the moniker aiki bugei around the same time but there is no hard evidence to support a contention that this use of the term predated the term aikijujutsu coined by Daito ryu's Takeda Sokaku.

    Aiki is actually an old name for kenjutsu tactics that employed mental inertia, disruption and involuntary reflex to defeat ones opponent. These concepts can be purely applied in taijutsu as aiki no waza (aiki jutsu) although it is a much less decisive tactic in taijutsu than it is in an engagement utilizing edged weapons. In taijutsu aiki principles are most effectively employed in conjunction with jujutsu waza....hence the name aikijujutsu. At its highest level of execution aikijujutsu is characterized by sophisticated jujutsu waza which employs mental disruption and soft joint locks to throw or immobilize an attacker. Aiki taken farther in taijutsu becomes aiki jutsu (aiki no waza) which almost totally eschews joint locking in favor of subtle kuzushi and mental disruption to defeat an attack. Most aiki no waza / aiki jutsu should be viewed as a study of physical and mental dynamics as opposed to effective self defense due to the extreme level of intricacy required for the effective application of this waza. However, aiki principles applied in kenjutsu can be quite effective as the momentary kuzushi or mental disruption resulting from the application of "aiki" can be immediately followed by a life ending sword cut.

    Aikido is essentially a highly modified form of Daito ryu significantly influenced by the founders devotion to a Shinto cult called the Omoto Kyo. The Omoto Kyo was led by an enigmatic mystic named Deguchi Onisaburo. Deguchi's spiritual influence was so powerful that he convinced Ueshiba Morihei to leave the Daito ryu and found his own form of modern budo. This new form of budo, named Aikido would embrace a passive form of self defense and personal interaction conceived on a Shinto ideal of universal love and harmony.

    Technically the similarities between the two arts are easily visible but mainline aikido does not generally employ techniques as precise or intricate as aikijujutsu. Aikido, in accordance with its philosophical underpinnings employs large flowing movements in an attempt to completely harmonize with the attackers energy and thereby passively defeat him. High level Daito ryu on the other hand prefers small very intricate techniques that control, disrupt and confuse an attacker to the point that his attack seems a failure before it is completed.

    As time has passed some Daito ryu branches have become rather Aikido like and some Aikido more Daito ryu like, therefore one must be careful when considering such generalizations as the one I presented above. With its amazing popularity Aikido has split into many factions and styles. Some so passive as to be no more martial than yoga while others have developed an effectiveness approaching virtually any other form of budo. The aikido you see in one dojo may be completely different from that practised at another dojo when considering martial effectiveness.

    One thing that I must reiterate is that all true aikijujutsu must be descended or historically linked to Daito ryu or Shidare Yanagi ryu in some fashion.

    ..//.. The chance of finding actual aikijujutsu in the US is very slim. There are probably something less than 15-25 legit dojos in the US teaching authentic aikijujutsu. A vast majority of the aikijujutsu schools out there are just teaching bad Aikido with kicks and punches mixed in and who have no verifiable links to genuine aikijujutsu. This phenomonon just reinforces the incorrect assumption that aikijujutsu is nothing more than "Hard" aikido. In my experience proper aikijujutsu is actually softer and more intricate than 99.9% of the aikido your likely to find. This is not a criticism of Aikido because very soft or intricate technique is not necessarily in and of itself evidence of actual effectiveness. I know several aikidoka that are fire breathing self defense monsters when compared to the average aikijujutsu practitioner wandering about.

    It is imperative to remember that one art is not necessarily better than the other but simply different in execution and purpose. As a student it is you who must decide which art best meets your requirements and proceed from there with your eyes wide open.

    Tobin E Threadgill / Kaicho
    Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin Kai
    The original post being made here:

    You are so money.


      Thank you... I think?


        Yeah, "aikijutsu" is a sure sign of a fraud.

        These fakes think that by taking aikido and removing the -do and replacing it with -jutsu (or -jitsu) that they are somehow doing genuine aikijujutsu!!!!

        There are more legit Daito Ryu places emerging nowdays (the USA has several dojos and study groups affiliated with Kondo) but in general, I am VERY skeptical when I hear of anyone teaching aikijujutsu.


          Just look at Kaze Arashi Ryu as a classic example of what's not Aikijujutsu.


            Kaze Arashi Ryu?


              Originally posted by Errant108
              Kaze Arashi Ryu?
              See here:



                Kaze Arashi Ryu is a genuine Eastern art.

                It was created on the East coast of the USA.


                  +rep for that


                    I am waiting for group called aiki nin tai ju bo jitsu. Then we can have every major bad martial arts trend in one package. I have already heard from one "aiki-gaijin jutsu" person that the ninjas really did aikijutsu instead of x-kan. We are almost approaching bullshido singularity.


                      Originally posted by Meson
                      I am waiting for group called aiki nin tai ju bo jitsu. Then we can have every major bad martial arts trend in one package.
                      No, you're thinking of the Combat Ving Aikinintaijubojutsu-kai people, led by Grandmaster Hanshi Kyoshi Shihan, Ph.D, 18th dan MMA.
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                      “The plural of anecdote is anecdotes, not data.”


                        I think that's been tried before.

                        I know someone who awarded themselves dan grades in "Budo" and when challenged about it they said when you have a dan grade in three separate arts, you can claim a dan grade in Budo.

                        This came from a guy who amongst other things tried to claim that he was a student of Kendo, again when challenged, he gave the name of his teacher and the year he started however, it was quickly established that the supposed teacher at that time hadn't even left full time education and didn't even start his own training in Kendo until the following year.

                        The UK is full of bullshit martial artists


                          Nice read, Simio.

                          One of my teachers once said, to somebody else, something along the lines of, "The more aiki something is, the more bullshit it is. That doesn't mean it doesn't work. It just means it needs more set up." That falls in line well with what the quoted post is saying about viewing aikijutsu-based techniques as a study of dynamics.


                            Originally posted by Petter
                            No, you're thinking of the Combat Ving Aikinintaijubojutsu-kai people, led by Grandmaster Hanshi Kyoshi Shihan, Ph.D, 18th dan MMA.
                            I shouldn't be surprised by this anymore, but WOW.


                              You know that isn't real, don't you?



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