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Shaolin monks: Genuine fighters?

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    I think if we could get a formula for temple:forest ratio, then we could really solve this mystery.


      I think it is one of those mysteries that cannot be solved by scientific formulae, only by a suitably philosopic koan.

      "If great fighter knocks you out in a forest,
      does he even exist?"


        I need to gong sau a Shaolin monk...for the honor of my temple.


          All I know is I have only sparred against one guy who trained in Kung Fu. He kept his hands low in some wierd 'I wish I was Jet Li' stance and then he actualy had the balls to 'beckon' me a la Neo in the Matrix. After that sparring sesion I have not seen him back in our dojo since.


            Having read American Shaolin, the book being advertised in that video, the Shaolin temple does seem to have a respectable San Da program in it. The story tells of a young man in the early 1990's who went to the Shaolin temple, trained in traditional kung fu forms for a couple months, and then realized it wasn't really helping him fight so he started doing San Da instead.
            From my personal encounters with wushu athletes in general, it doesn't seem like there are many out there who do *just* performance wushu, and not also San Da, TKD, TCMA, whathaveyou.


              The Shaolin Temple over 1,000 or so years ago probably did have genuine fighters. I would imagine a good portion of the monks that joined the temple after it's establishment knew Martial Arts. Especially since the Martial Arts (even at that time) were a big part of Chinese culture. So, in their spare time when not chanting sutras or doing chores, they probably compared notes and showed off their styles to one another.

              As for modern day Shaolin, I have no idea.

              Of course, all of that is just what I believe.


                Well, I live near Shaolin Temple UK and went to an Open Day some 3 years ago. I thought it was Ok and holistic/wholistic and there's nothing wrong with that.

                Out back was a boxing ring. They do produce San Da fighters and compete.

                Something for everyone?
                PS I've commented on this line before but the OP may not be aware of the Search function.


                  Originally posted by G-Off
                  Good lord, you link to a video that says in the description on youtube "I heard this was choreographed" (and it is), and use it as evidence for fighting prowess? Get better evidence or stop yelling at others for lack of evidence!
                  Hey I remember watching this clip when it was originally aired in Korea. I was a kid.


                    Originally posted by Virus
                    Doesn't actually say anything about them being trained at the Shaolin Temple. The comp might have just been hosted there.
                    Matt says in the comments that it was people from the shaolin village. I'll try to confirm how many were monks from the official temple.


                      Originally posted by Hui_Xiu
                      How many trees are in a small forest? Must be more than 50 but less than 200?
                      I guess you could're missing the trees for the forest?!?!?!?

                      Get it, cause it's a proverb, and you're literally missing the amount of trees for the forest.


                        There's 2 comments that refer to the topic:

                        "No, these guys are not monks. They are students of the monks. Teenage boys who studied kickboxing at the Shaolin Temple."

                        "No this tournament took place in the Shaolin village the day after the Zheng Zhou tournament in September of 1993. Only Chinese students from local schools were allowed to enter..."

                        So it seems to me that they aren't actually monks (which is what the topic is about) but they do run kickboxing or sanda programs at the temple.

                        Something to remember is that there's a ton of martial arts schools located around the temple that aren't actually part of the temple. So we have to be careful we aren't confusing the two.


                          I found this video.



                            Originally posted by Errant108
                            I need to gong sau a Shaolin monk...for the honor of my temple.
                            You are a Shaolin Monk.

                            You know, sorta.

                            Also, Fergeson should have just let the man talk. He sounded like he a good story and all we got was the SparkNotes.
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                              That said, is the book any good?

                              Also my bad, double post. Where'd I put my delete function?


                                Thanks, Virus. It seems like the truth about Shaolin is getting easier to come by.



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