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    Originally posted by Bigzilla
    YOON, Byung In (ChuanFa/Shito-Ryu/Shdokan/Jidokwan/Chang Moo Kwan), YON, Kwai Byeong (ChuanFa/Shito-Ryu/Shdokan/Jidokwan) and CHUN, Sang Sup (Shotokan/ChuanFa/Jidokwan) all had ChuanFa experience accroding to all Kwan founders and seniors. Hwang Ki, like Gen. Choi is doubted by the rest of the Kwan founders and seniors.

    I don't believe Hwang Ki's Chuan Fa is in question as so much as hit Taekkyon experience. However, what might be in question is how much exposure he received in Chuan 'fa. It wasn't like he was exposed to it 8-10 hours a day of pure training. He only trained on his time off, which, I'm sure, was not very often.


      Originally posted by Bigzilla
      I have been fortunate enough to have asked the following Taekwondo men, in person, about Taekkyons influence on Taekwondo:

      KIM, Soon Bae (Chang Moo Kwan President)
      KANG, Won Sik (Song Moo Kwan President)
      LEE, Chong Woo (2nd most Jidokwan senior alive)
      LEE, Kyo Yoon (Han Moo Kwan Founder)

      They all stated that:

      - no Kwan founders, or seniors were ever students of Taekkyon, or practiced Taekkyon.
      - CHOI, Hong Hi never learned Taekkyon, or Shotokan, he learned from NAM, Tae Hi
      - Kwan seniors saw Taekkyon kicking, and new of it's kicking legend, and worked to add additional kicking skills to the Karate they learned.

      LEE, Yong Bok

      - Leader of Taekkyon in Korea
      - Founder of the Korea Taekkyon Assoc and the new World Taekkyon Federation
      - Direct ADULT students of both SONG, Duk Ki and SHIN, Heang Sang
      - Worlds most promenient Taekkyon reasearcher
      - 6th Dan in Taekwondo Chang Moo Kwan/Kukkiwon (retired)

      LEE, Yong Bok states that no Taekwondo founders or seniors ever learned Taekkyon, nore included it into Taekwondo, with the exception of a Master LIM from Michigan, who attempted to insert a handfull of elelments of Taekkyon into the Poomsae Koryo #2, however, those elements were incorrect, as Master LIM only trained a few times with SONG and did not have much knowledge of Taekkyon.

      Next, I practiced Taekkyon for several years under LEE, Yong Bok and I can tell you from personal experience, that the leg movements in Taekkyon, are in radical contrast to those of Taekwondo. Not very related at all. To give you a sense of it, Taekkyon kick motion is designed not to strike (Kyuk) but to Push (Milgi). Taekkyon is trying for a fast, strong push with all kick skills. Only at High level Dan (yes, modern Taekkyon adopted Dan rank and lower call Poom (like Geup), do students learn about Kyuk or hard strikes.

      Great info BZ...thank you.





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