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    "Kung Fu Quest"

    I came across a user on youtube that uploaded 10 episodes of a Chinese-language martial arts show called "Kung Fu Quest." After watching a few episodes I thought it might be worth sharing. I did not find this posted anywhere else in the forums. It is subtitled. Since this is my 5th post ever, I can't post a link just yet, but searching for Kung Fu Quest on the youtubes will bring it up.

    *The show covers a variety of traditional Chinese martial arts. Wudang, Xing Yi Quan, Tai Chi, Ba Ji Quan, etc
    * A look at training for Sanda, Sanshou, is covered in many episodes
    * You get to some actual fighting in each episode
    * History is is a cool topic, just accept this.

    * There is a _ing _hun episode
    * Some of the Sifus get a bit mystical bs-y at times
    * They occasional interview the foreign students and these segments are painful to watch
    * Done in a format loosely similar to Fight Quest (but is more tolerable to watch IMHO)

    The Chun episode almost made me flip a table. I almost died laughing once it got to the "tactical wing chun" guy. That being said, the Preying Mantis and Hung Kuen episodes are fantastic (and made me wish there was a person near me that taught one of those styles.


      Originally posted by flow motion View Post
      I did not find this posted anywhere else in the forums.

      That's the first result when using the search function.



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