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    Does anyone know if Novell Bell is a good instructor or is he all hype my friend it's obsessed with him and from what I've seen he doesn't seem special. The reason I wanna know is my friend who it's obsessed with him is posting every black taoist a lot of money for private training enough to train in Brazil for nearly 3 times as
    I doubt my friend can be swayed but i'm really hoping i'm wrong and it turns out the black taoist is as good as my friend thinks

    Please communicate in clear English sentences in the future.

    BT knows a lot about certain Chinese martial arts. He's also a very large man, and can make stuff work that probably wouldn't work if non-giants tried to use the same techniques. It's hard to do a lot of serious sparring in either a public park or in private lessons. He also hypes himself endlessly. How much is BT charging for privates?


      Ok I am going to say If you mate can get to brazil then we are comparing the guy to organisations like Brazil top team.

      And no he is not as good as the guys there.

      Look it depends what your mate wants out of training. There are some absolute stellar clubs out there.

      A lot of these clubs are producing top notch fighers but also have done the bouncing the army or the police work.

      And so combine the sport street argument that you will no doubt recieve.

      Ask around and you can get some truly insparational training from certified bad arses. If you mate has the money find that.
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        "Search function noob...!"

        Seriously mate, did you even bother to search the site before posting this....?

        The most basic seach revealed this :-

        Which should be enough to get you started.



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