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    Been a while

    I haven't really posted here much in several years simply out of lack of time (finished my degree finally though) and working in Children Protective Services.

    Funny thing though, and I wonder if this happens to anyone else on here from time to time who may be an instructor or a practioner (or both.)

    How often does name dropping happen to you?

    See, I was browsing around, and come across this thread here:

    And someone dropped my name in it. I didn't know who it was, or what it was about. This person was not there to see me take a nidan test in the Buj. Sure enough I train in it, but I also do Judo, Jujutsu, FMA, and really and truly I haven't honestly done much with the Buj in quite a long time because, well, I lost a lot of interest in it years ago due to the politics and such. On a side note, I was shodan 7 years in the Buj while I trained in Judo. I went back for a time under a new teacher and was given my Yondan. So, a nidan test was not even in this equation.....I was in Japan in 2010 and took the godan test, but then again, how much of a big deal is that? I have found more time for BJJ and Judo in the recent years than ever before, so therefore Buj is on the backburner and probably will stay there.

    Whoever this person was, they were misinformed. It states he trains with me, or did, and WE SPARRED WITH WOODEN WEAPONS no less. First off, I'd like to make it clear....

    I spar. Yes. I use protective gear. I have sparred with weapons. PADDED WEAPONS. I would never, ever, make someone spar like that with wooden weapons though. I USED to train at a local park mainly because at the time it was really just all I could do to get anyone in town to train (sadly, Gadsden Alabama isn't a hotbed of MMA or MA at all....unless you count the drunks at the bar watching UFC and thinking armbars are just that easy to pull off with no training) but now I have an indoor place at my home. Sure, its small, but I use it to work out. But yeah, I admit it, we were at a local park for a long time. So was a local Karate guy facing many of the same problems. No big deal though, because I have my own instructors who live about an hour away each and they have indoor places. I mainly "taught" so I could train more than once or twice a week.

    This person claims to have beaten down a 6th degree BB in TKD. I personally know this 6th degree BB in TKD and he is also a practitioner of jujutsu as well. Honestly, I do not see this happening to this guy. TKD or not, this person, if its who I have an inkling it might be, was a kid at the time and was in no way shape or form to say that about a grown man with almost 30 years of MA training under his belt, who makes a living teaching martial arts, and has run a successful school which has helped a lot of kids.

    From the thread: My instructor trained directly under Soke Hatsumi, he is a big guy, but his style is effortless on his part and very painful on his opponents. He is all muscle under his a sumo wrestler, but he doesn't get tired easily. hes only 26 and hes a Nidan.

    First off, I never trained or claimed to train directly with Hatsumi-sensei. I went to Japan in 2010, and I only trained one other time with him (if you call it that) in 1998 when I was 17 and went to the Smokey Mountain Tai Kai in Tennessee. That was all. I admit, yes I am a big guy. I weigh in at 265. I used to lift weights until I hurt my shoulder. From then on I did alot of of training to slim down. Apparently at the time of this thread the only thing he had right about me was my tender age of 26.

    I don't know why this is bothering me, but maybe because someone dropped my name and I don't know them (though I have an idea who it may have been)....or maybe because I wonder if it happens to any of you from time to time? I have always approached this site with respect and listened. I think what goes on here is a good thing. But I guess, too, that I read these posts by this person, ninja4life14, and I realize I have no F%$#$ idea who he or she is. So, for the sake of not committing thread necromancy, I decided to just ask it aloud and make a topic out of it.

    This thread may seem out of place, if so please move it where you want to get it to. As I said, its been a long while since I posted here.

    Any comments?
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