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An idiot's guide to discussing Aikido on this forum

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    An idiot's guide to discussing Aikido on this forum

    It is a plain, cold fact that Aikido as a supposed martial discipline has lost much of it's "martial" prowess. Today, in the vast majority of Dojo, it's study is entirely compliant, without the means of adequate pressure testing and often (unfortunately) practiced by hero worshiping Ueshiba Japanophiles.

    If you're one of those people, someone who *thinks* their aikido study is capable of effective self defense 'as is', someone who places an emphasis on the virtues associated with the pleats of a Hakama, then this place isn't for you. If however, you study aikido and you're open to discussing both it's merits and pitfalls then there's a place for you here and you're welcome to post.

    If you're new to this site, make sure you post an introduction here before creating a thread in this forum or, for that matter anywhere. It's good advice for you to take time reading our various forums and understand the policies associated with posting in the various fora.

    The fact you're reading this is a step in the right direction.

    Now, if you've got questions about Aikido or something else to contribute on the subject and, you want this to remain a serious discussion, understand that this site strongly advocates 'alive' training and pressure testing, as such people will rightly question your training methods- do not get offended, listen to what's presented to you, it's tried, tested and works.

    Several regular contributors to this site are students of Aikido, Daito-Ryu, other Aiki arts as well as Koryu Bujutsu. Some of us to moderately senior dan grade. Each of us understand where Aikido (or other traditional systems) have their strengths and weaknesses. This makes us uniquely placed to discuss both the inherent positive aspects of the art, but also highlight where the system fails.

    This site also has a massive number of people who train MMA and other competitive systems, these people know how to fight and will offer you constructive advice, even if you don't like what they have to say, LISTEN to it because they know what they're talking about.

    Between those of us who are experienced students of Aiki arts and, those who greatly understand the concepts of aliveness and pressure testing against fully resisting opponents, we're able to provide you with a well rounded and educated opinion. Don't shoot the messenger because you might not like what we say.

    Lastly, enjoy Bullshido, arguably the largest English speaking martial arts website in the internet. We're generally straight-talkers who don't suffer bullshit. Maintain your sense of humour and you'll be fine, otherwise fuck off to Martial Arts Planet.
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    Quoting myself from another thread relating to Aikido because it's relevent here.

    Originally posted by Rock Ape
    The problem isn't what we define a standard [of fighting ability] to be.. The problem is that many aikidoka *think* they meet that definition.

    If those people who studied aikido discontinued their belief that they are studying a method of self defense, we wouldn't discuss the art in the way be presently do, any longer. How often do we discuss the problems in Kendo, Iaido, Koryu and many other traditionally based gendai systems when they never purport themselves as self defenses orientated ? Fact is we rarely do. I've studied Kendo and Iai for a number of years and since being a member of this forum, I've never participated in a "Kendon't" or Iaidon't" thread.

    That in its self says a lot, not about the arts themselves (including aikido) but the image or more importantly misconceptions from some, about an art's SD effectiveness. When that misconception doesn't exist, even if said art isn't particularly effective for SD, there's never ever an issue.



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