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Basic tai sabaki for drilling

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    Basic tai sabaki for drilling

    Taking controlSpace

    Many beginners, because they associate being close to uke with being able to throw successfully, because in randori they get stiff armed and held out and are left unable to throw. Translate this into moving uchikomi/nagekomi and so always move very close to uke, this is disastrous for practicing.

    There must be at least room for your body turned lengthways between you and uke.

    Tori indicated in red and uke in blue

    So when you commence moving uchikomi/nagekomi extend your arms fully and use that as a guide for how far away your body should be. Being too close will totally kill your ability to turn in correctly and wreck your practice.

    So once you have taken control over the movement and achieved correct spacing its time for the actual movement pattern.

    Moving when retreatingMoving when advancing

    A bad uke can be absolutely infuriating.

    Throwing is the sexy part of Judo, and by far the most enjoyable but everyone should take time to practice being a good uke.

    Thanks for this, good as always.


      Cheers Mas.

      Also, stupidly forgot to add this:

      Doing the forward pivot when tori is retreating preserves uke's forward momentum.

      Doing the backwards pivot when tori is advancing preserves uke's backward momentum


        A frog in a blender spins in pretty tight circles.


          A good, enjoyable read. Taking control is something which is easily forgotten when one is new to Judo. I suspect having danced a bit of Swing and Boogie Woogie made it easier for me in this regard when I first started with Judo. Who knew things one learns to impress girls might some day actually be useful for something?

          As for the bad/good uke part, I've found that being a good uke makes skilled judo players more willing to train with you, in turn hopefully making you a better tori as well.


            Thank You. Very informative as always.



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