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Summer Sale is on!

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    Summer Sale is on!

    Greetings brothers and sisters,

    It is officially Summer and I wanted to offer a sale for the entire summer on injury liniments. Why? Because many are going to be going out and about and having much more fun and the risk of injury is increased.

    Many fellow Bullys have tried my liniments and received some great results.

    All liniments, herbal kits, and internal tonics are 10% off.

    Visit my website at

    Once you created an account on the secure site, at checkout you type in Summer of Bull at checkout in the redemption code box.

    This redemption code will then take 10% off your entire order. It is good for multiple orders not just one. You will save for the entire summer.

    Remember the coupon code is Summer of Bull.

    Any questions you can PM here or contact me via the site.

    Train Hard Heal Quickly

    I am running out of sifu's homemade jow, and may not get another chance for a long time to procure any. BJJ has given me quite a few new opportunities to use jow, too.

    I don't trust any Chinatown or online jows worth a damn, so I am checking out your wares.

    I mostly use jow for things like da saam sing, sparring, and staff/arm conditioning. Not all that familiar with the tid sa jeung jows, you have a diverse set there. Rodney Morgan's looks interesting, do you make that or do you resell it?

    Sadly my knowledge of jow production is very very basic. Somewhere I have a formula and some old notes from a sihing on proper spirits to use, etc. Could not possibly take this knowledge and actually make jow with it.


      You want to try my Tiger Exits the Forest jow. Great for injuries and training.

      Rod Morgan is a Kung Fu brother of mine, I sell the formulas from his books.

      Give the Tiger a try. Good stuff.



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