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    P.S. Does anyone know if this gi is legal for Judo competition, too? Any gi that I buy needs to be legal for both Judo and Jiu Jitsu.


      I know this is an old thread, but I found this review of the product and thought it may be of value.
      oups! I cannot post links yet, so if anyone wants to check the review, just go to and search for "gi review hemp sensation by submission".


        Ummm... the "Hemp" Sensation gis were proven to contain absolutely no hemp whatsoever.

        Chris O'Dell from Datsusara went so far as to send a Submission gi off to a lab for testing. Came back as being a polyester blend, 0% hemp.

        The owner of Submission was told repeatedly that he was selling bogus goods. It wasn't until he was caught red-handed that he decided to do anything about it.


          Yep, as far as I know only Datsuhara provides hemp-made training gi. Anyone with one that can provide a short review?


            It's a great gi. The pants are the most comfortable pair I own (and I own about 20 gis).

            The only issue I have is that they don't make off sizes. I have an A3 that's a little baggy. If they made an A2L, it would be my favorite gi, hands down.

            Flow and Lucky also make real hemp gis. One of my teammates has the Flow Hemp and loves it. I had the Luck but sold it because I didn't like the fit.


              Cool, thanks for the info.


                If I recall correctly, the Submission FC Hemp Gis turned out to have no Hemp at all.


                Edit: looks like goshinbudojj already pointed it out
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