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Raleigh/Cary Area - Practice Space for Rent

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    Raleigh/Cary Area - Practice Space for Rent

    To keep costs down, I'd like to rent my training space to another martial arts program (perhaps someone just starting out?) on off-days.

    Please understand the space is not suitable for a commercial dojo as it is housed in a large workshop inside a storage facility. There is plenty of parking however and the actual space is a lot nicer than it sounds (see picture):

    The space is lined with high quality wrestling mats. 6 people working out at once on the floor would be ideal, 8 is doable.

    In a perfect world I'd like to rent to a grappling or Tai Chi instructor, but really as long as you're not teaching Bullshido and are trustworthy enough for me to feel comfortable leaving you alone to do your thing (at least one reference needed) I'll be happy.

    Price depends on a) how many days you want to use it b) if you are just using the space or also our pads as well (wear and tear). Either way, I guarantee it will be much more affordable to rent than a commercial space.

    If interested email me at: RaleighKenkojuku at gmail dot com

    P.S. If you're actually in the market for a hard contact Karate class and not a practice space, see our school review here (with links to our webpage and facebook page with videos/pics/etc.):

    Raleigh Kenkojuku - Modern Karate in Raleigh NC - No BS MMA and Martial Arts


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