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    Youtube: UFC Select

    Zuffa launched UFC Select on Youtube, a while back. It's been popping up in my "suggested for," stuff for a couple of weeks, and last week I started my 14-day free trial.

    The pros:
    1) Inexpensive. at USD $5.99/month, the price is tough to beat
    2) Action, action, action. I guess the "select," part is just that - outside of the TUF vids, pretty much every fight is a bang-fest with a great KO or a devastating submission.
    3) Lots of great old Pride fights - it's amazing to watch some of these 10-year old or older MMA fights, particularly because the commentary is so much better, these days (now that Joe Rogan has a BJJ black belt and sorta-kinda knows what he's talking about).
    4) Playlists - just click a list and watch commercial-free uninterrupted TUF, Pride, UFC for as long as you can stay awake.
    5) Pretty much a recap of #2, but there are some really awesome fights that don't get to see much of during regular UFC programming - some really great lightweight, featherweight, even flyweight matches in here.
    6) If you can manage to watch all the vids in the trial period, it's free!!!11!1

    The cons:
    1) Lack of content. I'm about a week in, and I've watched several fights every night. The end is nigh - there have only been a handful of new fights uploaded since I started my trial. I don't think I'll make it through my first paid month before I run out of videos (136 as of this writing).
    2) Youtube only allows this on your gmail-gplus-linked identity.

    Well, that's about it. If nothing else, it's enough to tide me over until the next seasons of Breaking Bad and Borgia find their way onto Netflix.
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