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I Learnded to Martial Art From a Book!! YEAY!!!!!

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    I Learnded to Martial Art From a Book!! YEAY!!!!!

    Greeting fellow Bullshidoka!!

    Often times you will see a poor unguided soul post a thread with a title something along these lines......"Hi Guyz, wut do you think of Bravo's guard rubber?" or "I want to learn ground n' pound from El Guapo's DVD's, wut u think?".

    Typically, the overwhelming response is "You can't learn from a book idiot, go find a mat and a competent instructor and train fo reelz!!!".

    This response is 100% true. You cannot learn, let alone become competent, at ANY martial art or fighting discipline without receiving direct instruction from an instructor. You will not become a competent grappler or striker but trying to secure your cat, dog, lawn mower, or couch in mission control or getting them/it in a plum clinch and kneeing the shit out of them.

    However, instructional books and DVD's can be used as a great supplement to get ideas which can then be drilled in live training with a live, hopefully resisting, person or teammate. Many people get stuck or feel they are stuck for a while in a particular discipline and training books or DVD's will often help to push you beyond the typical training speed bump by simply providing you with a different perspective on a particular position or technique.

    However, what books or DVD's are worth your hard earned money? Some simply suck; the techniques are not realistic, the instruction/explanation is awful, the camera angles are bad, etc, etc. While others are well shot and the instruction or explanations are precise and clear.

    For example, this one is great for Lulz but crappy for...well....anything else...

    While this one is well done and may be worth the money depending on what you are looking for.

    So, we need people who have read and have also used particular training books or videos to give their critique of the book and/or video.

    You don't have to be an expert at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to critique Rigan Machado's Encyclopedia of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. However, it is better if you have some base of knowledge in the discipline so that your critique is given some credibility.

    Use the following Rating Chart so that we have a standard understanding of the ratings:

    Presentation/Production Quality:

    1-3.....Black and White Charlie Chaplan quality video or harder to read than the Tora.
    4-6.....Decent production, video is OK some angles or sound could be better or black and white pics and the book follows some reasonable flow.
    7-9.....Very good production, angles, colors, and sound are spot on for the most part or color pics with a very logical flow of information.
    10....Blu-Ray or HD video quality with very professional production or a real page turner with clear and concise flow of information and pics that demonstrate the technique perfectly.

    Technique Quality

    1-3.....Why would you ever need to carry your Katana to a pool party?
    4-6.....Pretty much what you expected to see, nothing earth shattering or ground breaking in either the technique, theory, or method of execution.
    7-9.....Very good techniques; provides a different angle, aspect, interpretation, or theory of application that you had not thought of.
    10.....Wow, revolutionary techniques that hit on something previously unheard of or not regularly used.

    Instruction Quality:

    1-3.....Umm, what did he say?
    4-6.....Rudimentary explanation of a technique of theory, i.e., you've heard it before, no shocker, revelation or surprise.
    7-9.....Very detailed instruction that takes into account some of the mundane details it takes to properly execute the technique.
    10.....WOW!!! Detailed almost to a fault but the instruction leaves no movement or angle unexplained as far as the "why" and "how".

    Difficulty Level:

    1-3.....This is how you tie your belt...(Novice)
    4-6.....This is how you jab, or cross, or hook kick, or hip heist, or open guard, etc...(Beginner)
    7-9.....This is how your sequence a number of techniques together...(Intermediate)
    10.....This is how your attack using X-Guard and reverse De La Riva or whip your tri-sectional staff around without killing yourself....(Advanced)

    PLEASE NOTE - Reviews that read like ads will be deleted. This is NOT an opportunity for product pushers to advertise their crap. This is a section for Jeo Shmoe to post a review of how he or she liked a particular product.
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    Nice effort, thanks for that



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