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    White Flood

    I didn't see a button to upload the pics, but it's viewable on the link. I decided since I've tried so many supplements, I'd give at least reviews to the products that I found were worth the money. With that being said White Flood is a solid Nitric Oxide supplement.
    Alot of amino acids. Arginine is the first one that sticks out. It is known to act as a vasodilator, which means its going to increase blood flow and give you a "pump". The FlooDurance blend is primarily Beta Alanine. This will increase strenth/endurance and overall performance through boosting levels of carnosine in muscular tissue. There are some anti-oxidant blends and some other ingredients, but these are the main backbone of White Flood.
    -Effects/When To Use-
    Its a pre-workout Nitric Oxide based energy supplement. Claims that it will build muscle quicker are most likely unfounded. Some may think that the amino acids used for boosting Nitric Oxide also are used for building muscle, however these specific amino acids are not linked to protein synthesis or any anabolic process. You want to take it 30-45 mins. before your workout. You may experience tingling which is normal. The main effect will be increased focus and endurance. I however felt this effect much stronger in Super Pump 250.
    Nitric Oxide doesn't work with everybody! Alot of people are non-responders, so it's good to try a sample off their website before buying. It took me a few days before I felt it entirely though. Main side effect will be pooping after you drink and possibly gas. Also tingling may occur.
    -Stacks Well With-
    Any creatine supplement, but its good to look at all other Controlled Labs products, as they are designed to work well with each other.

    This is the worst name anyone could ever think of...



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      My Thrunite TH10 is my most used camping/hiking light as it gives me two hands free. I just use some tape on the front to make it all flood.



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