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Full Throttle™ - Blue Demon Energy Drink

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    Full Throttle™ - Blue Demon Energy Drink

    Manufacturer: Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, Georgia 30313

    Size: 16 fluid oz.

    Flavors: Blue Agave

    Available in Sugar Free: No

    Date of Review: March 3, 2007

    Price: $1.99

    Where Purchased: Circle K

    Flavor Reviewed: Blue Agave


    Ingredients (amount per serving)
    • Guarana extract - 1.3 mg
    • Taurine - 1,194 mg
    • Gensing extract - 177 mg
    • Carnitine - 28 mg
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin B6
    • Vitamin B12
    Taste Rating Scale is 1 (absolute shite) through 10 (tastes like happy)

    TasteAfter TasteEffects Rating Scale is 1 (water) through 10 (check in to rehab NOW!)

    Energy BoostSide Effects/Crash
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    I've wanted to try this, but I've got a strict rule of never drinking calories if I can help it.

    And I'd kill for caffeinated tequila. Rather, I'd probably kill after drinking caffeinated tequila, so I probably shouldn't. Man, that's just pure evil juice.


      Isn't that wonderful. It's more of recreational pick me up than a real energy drink. I like the taste. It's hard to place. Guarana comes through strong, but you don't get that nasty nutty after taste. Good stuff.


        tHIS IS NOw my favorite non-alcoholic beverage. I drink about 1 per day. Love the taste, and it gives me a productive, energetic buzzz. Mmmm ... Blue Demon... *drool*

        I started trying different engery drinks when I got tired of paying 3+bucks a can for Red Bull, which I also love... and the only one I've found to replace RedBull is my Blue Demon.. Great Stuff!



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