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    #58 and #59 serve a point, so please take it.


      I am necroing this thread as Bret Gordon has not stopped with the BS.

      12 years later and the Arrtard is still running the fake rank BS Con.


        Originally posted by Mor Sao View Post
        I am necroing this thread as Bret Gordon has not stopped with the BS.

        12 years later and the Arrtard is still running the fake rank BS Con.
        Did you receive the phone message or was that bs?


          He has tried all manner of things

          Bret "The Marshmallow Kaiso" Gordon has been dicktucking left and right to avoid meeting me in person.

          His teacher is shitting himself as well.

          Gordon is a little soft troll with a modicum of skill.

          Too bad he likes lyng and supporting conviicted Child Rapists who wrote him a letter of reference for all the detractors who are angered over Brets support of said Convicted Child Rapist and Convicted Sexual Predators.

          Fuck Brett Gordon, Fuck Steven Hatfield his fakeass fraud teacher, and fuck all pedos and child molestors.


            Originally posted by senseibret View Post
            Trio Martial Arts teaches the art of San Budo, an art that I founded and combines Tae Kwon Do, Kempo Jiu Jitsu, and Karate. Before founding this art, I earned a black belt in all 3 of these arts as well as trained in Shaolin Kung Fu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
            You did not found anyting but a mixup of shite.

            Seriously Brett, how the fuck do you sleep knowing a convicted Child Rapist was president of your association for years.


              It was found out there as a convicted Child Rapist in his organization for years and Patrick Justice, the Child Rapist, was still on the books as President of the Association until a month ago when it was outed Brett had this Cunt Nugget on the books still.

              Hey Brett,

              Nice move with the Child Rapist writing you and Steven a letter of reference.

              Did he write that letter before or after you found out he was a convicted Child Rapist.

              Patrick Justice the ex president of the American Jidokwan Association, is a convicted Child Rapist, and convicted Sexual Predator who is still on probation and currently still unregistered as a known sex offender.

              Fuck you, Brett and Steven for creating evil around Children.

              You will all burn in your own hells for what you have done.




                  Originally posted by senseibret View Post
                  Actually I am trying to get removed from this website so that jealous and vindictive people such as Chad Love would not have the forum to bash a 16 year old martial artist and entrepreneur.

                  While it is true that we were teaching out of a garage, as numerous other schools have started, we now have a permanent location which happens to be very close to Chad, which is why he is so nervous and raising these questions.

                  First, I do have Black belts in TaeKwonDo, Kempo Jiu Jitsu, and Nihon Tetsuken-Ryu. I trained with Mark Bivens when he was teaching at Ultimater TaeKwonDo Centers and with Enzo Alliota and Rich Spatola at United Studios Martial Arts Academy (formerly United Studios of Self Defense) while living in New York. I also received a black belt from Chad in FL which he readily admits.

                  As far as my actual competitive and teaching ability, you may contact Dave Sklar of KICK/USA and also any of the parents of my students.

                  I have been training and competing for 11 years and have numerous medals, trophies, and titles as proof of my accomplishments.

                  While I appreciate your concern, my certificates are real and my students are benefitting. I do not feel the need for you to test me as I have already earned my rank.

                  The WBBB did NOT promote me to 4th Dan. I was awarded the rank by the International Association of Martial Arts Founders and did NOT pay any type of fee for promotion.

                  I never stated that I was a Black Belt in BJJ, only that I had some knowledge of the style and that it is part of my program, not the main focus.

                  I am tired of the scrutiny and it would not even exist, except for a vindicitive ex-sensei and boss in Chad Love.

                  you still are lying.

                  fuck like pathological...

                  lying fake fat cunts suck.



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