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    Live blade exercises aren't practiced by standard students in the school, that usually starts at first dan and up. I am a second degree brown belt in the school and we practice with rubber knives and wooden knives. We also have those blue police guns for gun defense. We also train with the bow staff and katana considering that hapkido did originate from those two weapons. Any other questions?


      A very interesting finding.

      I found out that one on my very own students was posting on this website as a troll. I confronted that student and they no longer train with us. I asked the student why they would do such a horrible thing and they blamed it on a prior-student. I called that prior student and they said it was the original student. Whattaya know. The blame game. I contacted the owner of this site directly and we figured it out by IP address and other ways.

      I have updated our ratings and if anyone wants to come try us out to disprove what I rated us at, come on. You would benefit best if you trained for at least a week or more to see what we really do. One class just won't cut it I am afraid....Thanks for your cooperation. :owneddanc


        This is not master Allen, is it?

        The video quality is shit, but if that's him...our Aikido is way harder and more "alive", and we train like gassy snails. Anyway, this guy seems to have Omega's backing for some inscrutable reason, so all that's left is the videos he promised. :)



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