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Master K. Kim's World Class Taekwondo

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    Master K. Kim's World Class Taekwondo

    Aliveness: 7
    They have a dedicated medium-hard sparring class 1 time a week along with medium contact sparring almost every day. Classes broken up into 1/3rds focusing on forms/one-steps, partner contact drills, and stretching.

    Equipment: 7
    Plenty of like new standard TKD hand targets with like new shield targets. Only 1 standing target as well as multiple re-breakable boards, agility ladder and cones, etc...

    Gym Size: 4.5
    Renting a commercial space on a popular road front. Mat takes up 90% of space with small seating area, small bathroom, and small office. Mirrors across one wall and of course, a pole.

    Atmosphere: 8
    Very family oriented, lots of middle-aged adults as well as young kids. Very few teen and 20 somethings. Everyone seems nice and willing to help. Master has high energy, and pushes students regularly.

    Striking instruction: 6
    School is relatively new (3 years in Dec.) School has no outside competition yet. Striking instruction is decent, well broken down material that can be quickly learned. (Basic TKD kicks) Striking during sparring is generally medium-hard contact with gear on. Light with no gear.

    Grappling instruction: 2
    Very basic falling techniques during one steps. No ground fighting. (Come on.. this is wtf tkd..)

    Weapons instruction: 1
    Apparently no weapon instruction until black belt.

    This school is relatively new (3 years in Dec.) Has not competed in any local tournaments. 1 instructor (present and active in class 95% of time) and multiple junior leaders that assist. There are no black belts in the school as of Nov. 2012. Great school for families and kids. A little below average for serious martial artists.
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