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Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo, Glasgow Scotland.

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    Kyokushin Karate Fernando Dojo, Glasgow Scotland.

    Hi all. Quick intro. I've not posted anything in what seems like forever due to unforeseen circumstances. Long story cut short this was due to some time away, something I can only describe as small fireworks going off around the bottom of a Jingly Truck (where one of those awful smelly terrorisers was prone), intense heat and pain, a messed up knee (very lucky), a medical discharge from the Army (not so lucky) and a diagnosis of PTSD (worst part) as this was about the 8th time in 6 years I've been very lucky.

    Upto that point then, I had been training BJJ and MT and had posted an earlier review of an excellent BJJ gym in Glasgow.

    I stand by that review and the only reason I am no longer training there is not due to my injury but purely finances. As I'm no longer a warrior I've had to take up an Engineering Apprenticeship an so I'm on below the amount of pennies required to live and raise 2 kids! So I had to find an alternative!

    Kyokushin seemed quite apt as it is famed for the hard training, conditioning and all out sparring and competition.

    I knew this Dojo was the real thing on the first night after - struggling through Japanese, unfamiliar stances and punching style, strange blocks and always being in the wrong position at the wrong time - and the Sensei announced it was time to spar. I was surprised to be doing so on my first night but he seemed happy enough with me at the end of 5 rounds with alternating partners where I just stuck to kicking range for the most part, unable to get used to holding a lower guard and punching. The membership appears small in the beginners class as there hasn't been more than 5 or 6 students on any night so far but I've found that this means the Sensei has plenty of time to give to newbies.

    I was very much guided through the process by copying Sensei who would explain the target areas for strikes etc so that I wasn't left as confused. The Dojo secretary was also very helpful and welcoming.

    My ratings are to be taken with a slight pinch of salt as I'm a white belt and still injured so it's early days, I included a grappling score only because I'm aware that the dojo cover Goshin Jutsu in their curriculum.

    Highlight of the training so far, has got to be sparring with a 4th Dan each time, mixing up partners constantly (why doesn't every Dojo/Gym enforce this) and above all the conditioning. During a punching sesh I accidently caught a brown belt on her boob......... she was very forgiving until she returned the punches, but its true that nothing makes you feel more alive than being punched with force in the stomach and I possibly enjoyed it a little too much.

    The dojo encourages you to fight in the tournaments as you would expect, and I've already been told I'll be attending one next year. That has already given me extreme motivation to strengthen the gammy knee, and get off my arse to do some Phys each day!

    Great Dojo, excellent training, first class Instructor and Students, I won't be leaving there until they have to cut my bloody leg off.


    Sounds like a proper KK school. The tournaments are fun! Good on ya.



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