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    Barracks MMA

    Barracks MMA
    Team: KCKC (Kut-throat Committee Kombat Club)

    Still pretty new, although the team has been around for the last 4+ years.
    The gym is inside half of an old roller-skating rink, and yeah we still have the lights up. heh.

    Instruction is good with the main MMA/Boxing coach having about 7 years experience, then Tuesday/Thursday with Steve Boyd (SBG guy? Decades of experience). Striking instruction seems pretty good, Boyd works with Crazy Monkey boxing, then we have boxing/kickboxing/MT in addition. In grappling instruction we have 4 college level greco-roman and freestyle guys in every day. In BJJ grappling we have a BJJ blue 3 (Pedro Sauer) every day, then Boyd on Tues/Thurs (I don't know his level, but again google him with SBG, he wrecks everyone at 55 years old ;p). We're all no-gi, but levelwise our blue 3 got his 4 years ago, nogi constantly ever since (purple/brown level?), then a few of the others are blue level (2 years exp or so).

    About 1000 sq feet of wrestling mats, 800 sq feet of Zebra feet burner MMA mats, walled off section with 4 olympic weight stations (those big weight cages) along with a few other machines I ignore, a 15' cage that's great, but like fighting in a closet. Equipment is not new, not shiny, but works great. Update: Added a 50x40' section of matt, all smooth, awesome.

    Great bunch of guys, two pro's, and 2-3 with 8+ am fights and winning records. Pro's: Chris Ensley, Rusty Hand (pro-boxer as well).

    Anyway, I call the place home. I'll answer more if people want to know, my first review, probably missed points.

    M/W 5:30-6:30 - striking instructional. Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing.
    T/TH 5:30-6:30 - grappling instructional. Greco-Roman, Olympic, BJJ
    M-TH: 6:30-7:30 - MMA training
    Friday: Open MMA training 5:30-8:00
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    Boyd is listed as an SBGi instructor on their website, although it lists him as "No Longer Active"; although, I have no idea what that really means.


      Yep, we get to soak in his knowledge twice a week, although it varies depending on life etc. I just find myself listening to anything that comes out and realizing this man has forgotten more than I know on the subject.

      He's also Crazy Monkey Boxing certified instructor (down there this weekend), along with a ton of other things. I just hope I get the chance to train with him for as long as I can.



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