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Advanced Martial Arts in North Brunswick, NJ

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    Advanced Martial Arts in North Brunswick, NJ

    Overall great school with classes in muay thai, bjj and mma. One pro fighter (Ricardo Romero) and a few amateur mma/muay thai fighters.


    Do you train there?
    Who are the BJJ, Muay Thai, MMA instructor?
    Who were their instructors?
    How large (sqft) is the school?
    What equipment is there?
    What are the class sizes?
    What are the class times?

    A little more detail, otherwise your review is utterly useless. The point of a review is to get a bit of a personal taste for the school which you cannot get from looking at the website.


      sorry this was my first time posting something like this.

      i do train there and have trained there since the beginning of 2008

      the muay thai and main bjj instructor is Brian Katz, but a pro muay thai fighter Jim Smith teaches the wednesday might muay thai class

      the school is approximately 20x50 feet

      the equipment there is mostly striking orientated: heavy bags, muay thai pads, gloves, shinpads, headgear, etc.

      class sizes are usually around 15 students


        Cost and Uniform

        Hi Fubak75! I'm looking for a good MMA school in Somerset County and found 3 that I like, one of them AMA. How much does the classes(unlimited) cost per month and the uniform? Thanks!



          What did you find out as far as costs, and did you end up training at AMA? I'm curious because I was looking into them as well.


            Advanced Martial Arts

            Hi pknox,

            I did join a month ago, considering the amount of exercises and techniques that AMA has to offer, including their reputation. It's a nice school with friendly atmosphere and students. And Brian Katz is easy to talk to and work with, including the students there. Their bjj, muay thai kickboxing, submission, grappling and mma are far the best that I've participated in. That's my opinion. I signed up for a 6 mo contract at $130 a mo with unlimited classes. You can call and talk to him about the different membership packages that he has, as well as what you want from AMA and what you're looking for. He might have something cheaper than 130 a mo, but it's limited in the amount of classes that you can go a week. It's well worth the money. And it's better than the other mma schools I've been around in central NJ. Him and his school is RGDA affiliated. Browse through his website. And the number their is his cell number. Call and talk to him. He offers new potential students 1 free class, so people can have the chance to see what his classes are like. It's fun and you sweat alot! Goodluck!



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