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Academy of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & KickBoxing-Dallas

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    Academy of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & KickBoxing-Dallas

    Train at the 1st State sanctioned MMA school in Texas....and the only Academy actively promoting Amateur Muay Thai and MMA in North/Central Texas. We have an Olympic Boxing/MMA ring and host events every month.

    Promotional video link below of our monthly series.[email protected]. Check out the website at
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    Great review, --Very objective LOL.


      Wow this school is fantastically gay for giving itself all tens.


        Felipe may not have been familiar with the guidlines for the numerical rating system found here. I'll ask him to review them and update the rankings.

        Aliveness: Hard contact Muay Thai, full intensity BJJ rolling and MONTHY Full Contact MMA tournaments

        Equipment: Respectable equipment as well as a FUll Sized MMA Cage and Full Sized Boxing Ring.

        Gym Size: ~6000 sq. ft.

        Instructor/Student Ratio: Small classes and one-on-one instruction from Felipe

        Atmosphere/Attitude: Students are friendly and helpful. Felipe is supportive and always accessible.

        Striking Instruction: Pressure-tested, full range striking and proven success in limited restriction local/regional competition. Instruction in Muay Thai and Boxing from Professional MMA Fighter Felipe Espinoza.

        Student compete in MONTHLY MMA Tournaments and Kickboxing Smokers.

        Grappling Instruction: Pressure-tested, full range grappling and proven success in local/regional competition. Grappling instruction from Pan-Am Silver Medalist Felipe Espinoza.

        Students compete in MONTHLY Grappling Tournaments.
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