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Hollywood, FL - American Top Team - (former Rollyson's Academy)

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    Hollywood, FL - American Top Team - (former Rollyson's Academy)

    The school until recently was under the instructor of Master Carlos Rollyson, 7th degree BB in BJJ and 2nd Dan in Judo. Recently the school has gone under a reorganization after Master Rollyson's departure. As such it now affiliated with American Top Team under new instructors.

    The main instructor is Mr. Edson Diniz, 2nd degree BJJ BB and experienced MMA competitor. The school has classes on BJJ (gi and no gi) for a price of $114 a month (no contract), with lower monthly prices if one selects a contract. MMA classes are also included at a monthly fee of $150. In addition to that, the school has a youth program and additional classes in Aikido, Yoga and Pilates.

    Another instructor is Mr. Andrew Cargill, a BJJ brownbelt who also posseses a 2nd degree in Aikido, and a 1st degree in Sanuces Jiu Jitsu. Private classes are also available. For information on the current class schedule, you can contact Mr. Mike Daher at

    This is the school I'm currently training, and I have to say I'm quite happy with it. In addition to excellent instruction, the dojo is equiped with 4" mats (Swain mats I believe), and a small weight room with a bench press, dumbells, two threadmills, a leg curl and a leg extension machine and several heavy bags.

    Classes usually run for an hour with a quick 10 minute warmup followed by 30 minutes of instruction, usually focused on two techniques and a quick Q&A. The remaining 20 minutes is devoted to 4-minute rounds of sparring between students or with the instructors. Emphasis is placed on starring the sparring from a standing possition as opposed from the ground as its usually the case in the average ground grappling instruction.

    I strongly recommend this school since it give students the choice of paying month by month or via a contract. Furthermore, there are plans to bring a Judoka, Mr. Jimmy Perez to go over throws and takedowns twice a month.

    This is a school I strongly recommend. Anyone interested can watch a few videoclips I've taken at the school at my ATT Hollywood Youtube Group.

    what is the address? When you mention lower rates for contract, do you happen to know what they are for BJJ and the rate that would include MMA. Is use of the gym facility included in this? Are there any limits on how many times you can attend? Sorry for so many questions but the place looks interesting to me and I live in Cooper City. When I'm done with my current school contract I might check it out if things look good.


      Hollywood, FL - American Top Team

      This weekend I was in Miami and stopped by American Top Team Hollywood to train with a friend, which I'll post photos and notes from later. But first...

      I know that the gym is having some trouble since the main instructor, Carlos Rollyson (for whom the gym was originally named) has left. Edson Diniz of ATT was brought in to replace him, but they're still sorting issues out and could use some promotion.

      Since I was given great hospitality, I figured I could do a little to help them out.

      I had a lot of trouble finding the gym, and even my friend said it took him a year to figure out where it was, since it's hidden from the road. So my contribution is to make them easy to find.

      The address is:
      5450 South State Road 7, Suite 27-28
      Hollywood, Fl. 33314
      Street level on 54th Ct
      And the website and flier say it's "across from the Seminole Hard Rock Casino!"

      But it's not. Across from the entrance to the casino is just an empty lot. It's...

      It's also not in the shopping/office complex it would appear to be in. No, it's hidden off to the side instead.

      If you follow my guide, you'll be rewarded with nice gym with a ton of mat space and a weight training room.

      Hope that helps anyone else wanting to check out the gym.


        Damn, I wish I didn't have a ton of work to do this past weekend, I missed seeing Elynka, Golden Jones, and now it seems Aeso.


          Everyone else was at NAGA. I was just in town to care for my grand father.


            Originally posted by Aesopian
            Everyone else was at NAGA. I was just in town to care for my grand father.
            Ahhhh, sorry I assumed. Hope all is well with your Grandfather.


              Damn Aeso. Thanks for that!!! I actually got lost driving over and over when I first tried to find it. Those instructions and pictures will certainly help.


                He's well, so no worries.

                I also wanted to show off the serious bling that was hanging in the lobby.



                  I'm going to move this to the Dojo Reviews section since it'll be easier to find there if someone's looking for the school specifically. Those of you who train there can feel free to rate it accordingly.


                    And to think, my instructor uses silly old pushpins.


                      Is there a way to combine this to the review I already made on my school? It already had an explanation of the classes, price and stuff.



                        Yeah, I can merge the threads. Good idea.


                          Wow, that worked like a charm... as if Aeso actually replied to the guy asking for directions.


                            Holy Cow dude. You are a magician :)


                              One of the best so far. Thanks Luis!



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