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A son and a Marine

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    A son and a Marine

    Solemn farewell to fallen Sag Harbor Marine

    BY MITCHELL FREEDMAN | [email protected]
    1:47 PM EDT, April 28, 2008
    The stomping of feet as the Marines turned, the coffin of their fallen comrade in their care, broke the silence outside the First Presbyterian Church in Sag Harbor Monday morning, where hundreds assembled to grieve the death of Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter.

    From the grade school children in blue ponchos, to the contingent of police officers, volunteer firefighters and veterans, to those who simply stood with unopened umbrellas as the rain pelted their shoulders, mourners paid quiet tribute to Sag Harbor's first casualty of war in decades.

    Haerter, 19, was killed by a suicide bomber in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi on Tuesday, but not before he acted heroically to save other U.S. troops, military officials have said.

    Haerter, a rifleman at a checkpoint, shot a truck driver when that driver disregarded orders to stop, relatives have said. The truck, which was filled with explosives, then swerved from where other U.S. troops were positioned, the family said they were told by Marines.

    Inside the church, the Rev. Steven Howarth told congregants that the family of a military serviceman who Haerter had saved came to Sag Harbor to thank Haerter's family.

    "He had determination and a sense of responsibility," Howarth said.

    When Haerter learned he was being deployed to Iraq, Howarth said the teenager responded with: "It's what Marines do."

    In a letter read aloud to those gathered, Christian Haerter gave his son advice about the perilous landscape he faced in Iraq.

    You "should have compassion and humanity and decency, which are not weaknesses in character but strengths. You should never let your guard down."

    Against the pale green walls of the church, also known as the Old Whaler's Church, the red, white and blue colors of the U.S. flag draped over Haerter's coffin seemed brighter still.

    Haerter, a member of the First Battalion, Ninth Marines, who graduated from Pierson High School in 2006, had been in Iraq less than a month.

    His burial was to follow at the Oakland Cemetery in Sag Harbor.

    -- Staff Writer Laura Rivera contributed to this story.

    This story doesn't do his case justice....

    LCpl. Jordan Haerter was a Marine. He was 19 years old and died only a days in country. Let me tell you something about Jordan.

    As Jordan was standing guard at the checkpoint, a truck approached. His battle buddy ordered the vehicle to stop, and lurched forward towards his fellow Marines. LCpl. Haerter threw his teammate down, and opened fire on the vehicle...killing the suicide-bomber and placing himself in harms way. The truck detonated and killed him, but he saved the lives of his brothers-in-arms through his actions. LCpl. Haerter made a choice, knowing full well the consequences of his actions might result in his death...

    Rest in peace Jordan...your fight is over.

    Jeremy aka AlphaFoxtrot51
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    RIP Marine.


      RIP, Marine.


        Semper Fucking Fi.

        Fight on with the other warriors in Valhalla, bro.


          God bless him & his family.


            RIP, Marine.....


              If there came a day when I had to make a stand, I pray that I may stand as this man once stood.



                LCpl Jordan Haerter has been posthumously awarded the Navy Cross.


                  Your sacrifice will not be forgotten Lcpl. Haerter.

                  Semper Fidelis.
                  Shut the hell up and train.


                    Semper Fi Marine
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                    KosherKickboxer has t3h r34l chi sao

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                    Luta Livre flees the fight,
                    Behold Maeda's sacred tights;
                    Beware my power... Blue Lantern's light!


                      It's good that he was honored in this way. The Navy Cross is quite an award.


                        OOOra Marine Semper Fi.

                        He will be in my thoughts.


                          Originally posted by AlphaFoxtrot51

                          LCpl Jordan Haerter has been posthumously awarded the Navy Cross.
                          Very Good but it will never replace a hero.
                          Xiao Ao Jiang Hu Zhi Dong Fang Bu Bai (Laughing Proud Warrior Invincible Asia) Dark Emperor of Baji!!!

                          RIP SOLDIER

                          Didn't anyone ever tell him a fat man could never be a ninja
                          -Gene, GODHAND

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                            The Navy Cross is the highest medal that can be awarded by the Department of the Navy and the second highest award given for valor.

                            Nice to see this thread pop up again this time of year when we give thanks.


                              Originally posted by Gezere
                              Very Good but it will never replace a hero.
                              nor will it replace a friend...



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