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Bojuka, some more RBSD stuff

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    Bojuka, some more RBSD stuff

    Teaching the art of self-defense

    Don't hear too much about this guy, Bojuka has never really been discussed on the boards save for the Black Dragon Society. Anyone know much about him?
    19.5 fights a year is quite a fair bit, I'm guessing sparring matches are included eh? - Admire his thumbs-up approach to punching.
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    pretty good amateur boxing record.




        Wow. I was like.. Bojuka.. no way, can't be the same guy. It is. I've never been, but this is a SMALLL studio in downtown lemoyne, about 10 minutes from my house!

        Even better, it used to be a few doors down from my old arnis instructor's hole-in-the-wall studio. He didn't really have much to say about them except he didn't like them coming in and taking his potential students. I loved my old arnis teacher's skills but he had no sense of business. I suspect the hole in the wall appearance (The place looked like a giant warehouse with tons of junk in it - pc's, tv's, etc) had ALOT more to do with him not getting walk-in students.

        This is a TINY studio. That picture you see is what you see on the street. That's ALL there is. It's about a 10x10 room with that dummy in it and a big glass window on the front.

        I *was* wondering what the bo was in it. I think I'll go check it out and review it. I've been looking for a new school to study at since my old one closed down and if this guy is a decent boxer it would sure beat the 30+ minute drive to Terry Nye's gym ( that I've been considering.

        I'll try to check em out before my trip to KC later in december and let ya know what I think :)


          Walking to your car, you suddenly feel anxious as the darkness looms. Someone quickly approaches, and you can't shake the sick feeling that something bad is about to happen.
          In order to understand FBSD, you always have to start by setting the stage for the fantasy. Here you have it. Looming darkness. A *gasp, shudder* stranger. A sick feeling. But don't worry folks, because FBSD will teach you how to overcome all those things, Batman costume not included, of course.

          Sound, legal advice.


          Through these contacts, he became a civilian contractor for a federal fugitive recovery program, working nights and weekends.
          I believe this is a tactful way of saying he was a "bounty hunter." Truthfully, I don't know much about the profession. However, I do not believe this counts as LE credentials. Nor does it qualify him as actually having worked for the Feds.

          This, of course, reeks of fantasy bullshit. Was he one of Charlie's Angels? Maybe the A-Team?

          Is there a handy website to try and verifiy this guy's status and record as an amatuer boxer? usaboxing, maybe?
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