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    Is it not always?



      Originally found on posted here in case it ever disappears.


        This was already posted on the FSD II thread but I thought it would be appropriate to put here.
        I found this in an article from the Ottawa Citizen dated April 27, 1990.

        "Two decades of training has paid off for martial artist Jacques Patenaude, who became si-bok last month at a convention of the International Wing Chun Do Association in Seattle.

        The title means he is senior to other instructors in the association."



          Originally posted by nvrBit
          In addition to the Anthony Robbins style business practices it seems that movie-making is also on Patenaude's plate.

          Check out this little gem that has Jacques Patenaude and Martin Patenaude listed as Executive Producers.

          From the production quality and look of the actors this looks like it will be one bad film.

          His production company is Red Dragon Films and the link takes you to the same page as, and his other URLs.

          I wonder if Patenaude is offering 'special' students an opportunity to 'invest' in this blockbuster?

          The female lead, Anna Jaeger, looks hot. Too bad it appears she is knocked off early in the film (hence the 'revenge' plot).

          I know of people who are real Martial Artists who also do fight training and help make indie films, but Patenaude looks like a total fraud who is also wrapped up into scams as well. Tony Robbins, Melaecua, Lifewave are all scams as well. Two of them a MLM selling schemes that hock a really dubious or just low quality product. LIke FSD!

          I wonder how long it will be before Jaques films a PORNO.


            Hey guys thanks a lot for doing all the leg work and getting this information out. A Patenaude's recently opened here and I'm looking into finding a style for myself and 11 year old step-son. I was considering "Fang Shen"....until now.

            My problem is that I live in the Brockville (where the most recent Patenaude's opened) area and their isn't much on tap around here without making the 1 hour drive to Ottawa a few times a week. I've spent the last days researching various forms and schools but I'm still lost in the wilderness. Since some of you seem to be in the Ottawa/Kingston area, would any of you be able to endorse a few schools of quality?

            Thanks again.


              If Kingston is an easy commute for you, try this club out:


              They have a very good rep, and a kids program.


                Thanks Askari, Kingston is a little closer than Ottawa, so its not that bad. I'd love to find something close that has classes every night and something a little more traditional (but effective) than MMA. Having no martial arts experience, jumping stright into the MMA crowd can be a bit intimidating.


                  Enroll in their BJJ classes then. It'll get you started with lower pressure.


                    This info I'm providing concerns the so-called MMA event that two FSD'ers participated in sometime in 2003. This story was covered quite extensively on the original FSD thread and my goal here is not to rehash it. However some of the links that contained valuable info on this event no longer work and therefore I'm re-printing them here as a resource for FSD historians. The website in question is (mma underground).

                    The posts below are from two threads about FSD and relate specifically to the 'MMA' event. I've reproduced them in the order they appeared.

                    Have any Fang Shen Do guys competed in MMA or even any grappling tournaments. How have these guys done against trained fighters as opposed to "street" fighters?

                    2/23/04 6:29 PM
                    Sled Dog
                    Actually, two FSD guys fought in the WECF shows in Montreal. They did not look that great, but at least they tried.

                    2/24/04 6:09 PM
                    Does anyone know the names of the FSD'ers who fought, who their opponents were, how long the fight was, and how it ended? I couldn't find any WECF info on the net.

                    3/6/04 1:07 PM
                    Sled Dog
                    It was called the WECF, World Extreme Combat federation. It is run by Fernand Morneau. He was a teacher of Ali Nestor Charles who is the promoter of the UGC.

                    4/24/06 2:31 AM
                    Sled Dog
                    They claim to teach Kali or FMA which they absolutely don't know. I have been told (by a former student) that they got it from video tapes.
                    They have a root in Wing Chun back to James Demille though he now disavows knowledge of them. They were affiliated with him, back some time ago, but then he put a disclaimer on his web site about them.

                    Very commercially oriented. Money first then training.

                    I saw a couple of their students at an MMA event a few years ago (WECF in Montreal) and they were horrible. One won because his opponent was even worse that he was, the other was beaten soundly.

                    Like all things, buyer beware.

                    4/24/06 1:52 PM
                    Hey Sled Dog (okay its a slow day) I just finished reading the whole thread and these guys hint very seriously that the guys they entered into MMA fought and won.
                    Any more info on that event? Was it MMA?


                    4/25/06 1:20 AM
                    Sled Dog
                    MTG The MMA event was run by a group known as WECF headed by Fernand Morneau. He was Charles Ali Nestor's teacher a while back. His place on Papineau in Montreal seems to be closed when I drive by.

                    The level did not seem to be that high (compared with the other shows in this area) The FSD guys were god awful bad, but as I said before, one did win. It occured at the same arena in Laval as the last TKO show. The two definitely did not win.

                    4/25/06 1:55 PM
                    Sled Dog, was it MMA rules and gloves? The Bullshido thread has them in Boxing Gloves and Shin Guards (not to mention the ever popular MMA pony tail). Thanks in advance.


                    4/25/06 7:55 PM
                    Sled Dog
                    MTG. It was actual MMA with gloves, the commision etc. One smaller guy and one quite large guy.


                      Wow. I didn't even knew abt all this info. But I got a question to Stringfellow. Did you had to sign a contract with Fang shen do when you joint? I didnt and just left one day no question ask and I trained there for a year.


                        LOL Noob 10 yrs old DVD's. Might as well burn it! LMAO



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