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Fang Shen Do: Sordid History

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    Fang Shen Do: Sordid History

    We have discussed on a thread in the Bullshido Forum (Link) and over as an Article the sordid aspects of the Martial Cult that is Bullshido. But we have not delved into the history of this art as can be found through systematic research.

    Intrepid researchers have been combing the streets and providing me with emails and scans that outline in detail how this Martial Cult came to be.

    In this thread I hope to bring out a comprehensive examination of the development and history of Jacques Patinaude and his Fang Shen Do. There are many others who will read this and I hope will provide us with insite and information that will help in the research.

    We will begin with scans of the yellow page adds purchased by Fang Shen Do over the last 15 or 20 years. Starting with their Wing Chun Do add in 1982.
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    By the late 1980s the school is now known as Patenaude's Kung Fu. You may wonder why? Well it seems that Jacques wasnt actually qualified by James DeMile to teach Wing Chun Do. According to our research the following was uncovered, and originally posted on the long thread researching the cult aspects:

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    From: sijo <>
    Date: Mar 1, 2006 4:39 PM
    Subject: Re: a question about a former student
    To: [name and e-mail redacted]

    Yes, Jaques did train with me many years ago. He only learned the basics, yet made claims as to knowing more.He made a terrible video on closing and I told him to withdraw all claims to being an instructor from my school. He started his own school of which I know little. He only had an introduction to Chi Sao and trapping, yet made claims to being qualified to teach them. He does not claim a linage because he has no real linage, just a lot of bits and pieces from many styles.
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    From: [name and e-mail redacted]
    Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 14:09:20 -0500
    >Dear Mr Demile,
    >I'm sure that you are a busy man, and thank you in advance if you are
    >able to take the time to answer my questions.
    >I am a martial arts student in Ottawa, Canada and am currently studying
    >a style called "Fangshendo" in a school run by Jaques Patenaude. I do
    >enjoy the training, but we are not given much information as to the
    >history/lineage of the school.
    >A little bit of poking around the internet led me to reading about
    >yourself and Wing Chun Do. I have actually purchased a copy of your
    >book: The Tao of Whing Chun Do.
    >After seeing many similarities in what I have been taught, and your
    >system curiosity has gotten the better of me and I thought I would send
    >you an email, in the hopes you could answer some of my questions.
    >Is it true that Mr Patenaude was a former student of yours? If so, for
    >how long and to what level? What was he like as a student? Finally and
    >would you know the reasons for his departure from your system?
    >Once again thankyou for your time.
    >Respectfully yours,
    >[name redacted]
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      The reason for the lack of certification from DeMile is explained on DeMile's website:

      The Third level was from 1976 until 1979. It was also a basic phase of WCD as the focus was on teaching the application. It was at this time DeMile became very frustrated with trying to create the system. He decided to quit and let the few students who were dedicated to teach what they had learned. He put on a two week instructors seminar at his 10 acre farm in Sedro Wooley, Washington. DeMile felt that the participating instructors could teach the basics and create whatever they needed to round out their program. He stipulated that no instructor was to award a Black Belt in WCD without further training and only with DeMile's approval. WCD had not developed the teaching program for Chi Sao (sticking hands), Phon Sao (trapping hands), its 9 speed and 10 power source concepts and the 8 Closing of the gap techniques, so DeMile felt they needed to confine themselves to the basics. If they developed their own higher levels, that was fine, they could call their teaching anything they liked, but not Wing Chun Do. Unfortunately some of those certified in the basics abused their right to teach only WCD basics.
      So by the late 1990s we now begin to see advertisements for Fang Shen Do in the yellow pages.
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        Most recently an advertisement has appeared in a local Ottawa magazine.

        Just in case it isn't easily readable, a friend OCR'd the advertisement for us:

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          This is mearly the beginning of our research. Jacques Patinaude has claimed rankings in "Japanese, Chinese and Indian systems," we know one of these is Wing Chun Do, we know that Shotakan Karate forms part of his base. We have ruled out legitimate qualification in Wing Chun Do. Can we do the same for his Shotokan Background?

          We know that Jacques Patinaude purchased a 10th dan ranking from these guys, he is listed about half way down:

          Fang Shen Do:
          Jacques Patenaude, 10th Degree, Soke and Founder
          Then his claim that Andrew Wood ranked the school as one of the top 200 in North America. Well here is Andrew Wood a martial arts marketing guru. I'd suggest that any ranking by Mr Wood is for sale.

          I am sure there is more dirt out there. There have been implications of criminal assault and if someone can post us a date for that I am sure someone in Ottawa can go down to the court house and check the records. It wouldnt surprise me coming from a family that puts out pictures of itself like this



            Dont forget to ask yourself the question:

            Would You Walk Through Fire
            to Reach Your Dreams?
            Firewalk Canada

            And I want to know more - Who wants to live forever?

            This year, Sijo introduced a new seminar on Anti-Aging, showing how the
            actual aging process may be fundamentally changed.
            Is Sijo the first name of Jacques Patinaude? Is that why he is now "Grand Master Sijo Jacques Patinaude" in the publicity that we have detailed so far?


              Sir I applaud you and your very indepth research. It is deeply troubling to me that a school like tis not only exists but that it is not criminal to misrepresent oneself to the public. I have unconfirmed reports that someone with a month of Jiu Jitsu was able to effectively out fight one of the top instrucotrs in Fang Shen Do.

              I think another warning flag for people would be the fact that this incredible marital art exists almost exclusively in the Ottawa valley. Is the valley such a mecca of martial arts that we Westerners are not privy to the same 'high quality' of instruction and styles?

              Shameful, truly shameful.


              PS - If I sign up for my free month of instruction can the blond on the right teach me? (


                I got to ask this question. If Patinaude only reached a basic level with Demile why did Demile feature him in a poster on Wing Chun Do? Was it a lapse in judgement or was Patinaude higher up in Demile's organization then Demile wants to admit?


                  Originally posted by Samuel Browning
                  I got to ask this question. If Patinaude only reached a basic level with Demile why did Demile feature him in a poster on Wing Chun Do? Was it a lapse in judgement or was Patinaude higher up in Demile's organization then Demile wants to admit?
                  If you are referring to the "Lin Sil Die Dar" poster, then I believe your answer is that Jacques Patenaude created the poster himself, using the Wing Chun Do name. Whether he did this with or without DeMile's knowledge/blessing I do not know.


                    Hi Samuel,

                    During the period that Jacques Patinaude claimed to have become an instructor of Wing Chun Do, DeMile was not making anyone into an instructor.


                      this is pure virtuosity!
                      I salute you and I hope this thread (like the other one) will be highly ranked in search engines...


                        So then where is the best school in ottawa then? This should be good to read. For the refference of WCD well as is was stated that he had the liberty of doing what he wanted with what he learned and that is exactly what he did. What don't you get? People on here seem to think that this is the first time that a school goes a different direction to improve the service. There is so many of these schools in Ottawa alone that involve jiu jitsu schools that we don't read of any on here because it's ju jitsu or what??? The schools you have mentioned on here like ronin and carver's are not that great and I know alot of people who have been to those schools that have had bad experiences too you know. Another thing is the subject of an assault charge mmmmm so what does that matter in this whole thing? CHEERS


                          Nice work on this one, Askari, your minions are doing interesting work.

                 too long, how about we keep it short, Dic? What difference does an assault charge make? Well, would you want your wife or child learning from a
                          criminal? Would you trust that criminal to make them a better person than when they started with them? This is not a question of fighting ability, or getting in shape, this is a question of who you would want your family , or yourself to associate with.


                            Shouldn't someone ask Demile explicitly about that poster? I know I'm being picky but it would answer this question.


                              criminal record et al.

                              This issue is important. If you read the other threads on FSD, intimidation, threats and out-of-control temper tantrums are not infrequent occurrences with Patenaude and some of his instructors. When I was living in Ottawa, approx. 10 years ago, I too heard these rumours of criminal assault charges and incarceration for Jacques P. Is this someone who you want to learn martial arts from?? Can JP either confirm or deny these allegations?



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