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America's Top Shot: TUF For Shottists?

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    America's Top Shot: TUF For Shottists?

    Are any of the Bullies interested in trying out for this? They're looking for "characters", so God knows what you'll be stuck with, but I'm sure some of you can summon up the personality to qualify for this!

    Thanks for posting this, now I finally know who to blame for all those badly produced shows!

    Does anyone else think that "TUF + Guns" is a recipe for multiple homicide? I know shooters are extremely safety-conscious in general, firearms experts even more so, but consider the fight records of the some of the "personalities" that made the cast of TUF.
    Originally posted by Snake Plissken
    cuz FastPass on Indiana Jones was like being a ghetto rock star.
    Originally posted by Kiko
    But graffiti isn't a bowl of fruit...
    Originally posted by Robstafarian
    Merely insulting you is not an ad hominem fallacy: them calling you an idiot would be ad hominem if they said "You are an idiot, therefore your argument is invalid."

    What is instead happening is thus:
    1. Your argument is bullshit.
    2. You keep repeating, and expanding upon, your argument.
    3. Therefore, you are an idiot.

    That isn't an ad hominem fallacy; that's inductive reasoning.


      Exactly what I was thinking. Junie Browning with a gun = First ever reality TV snuff flick.


        where is scrapper?


          I say "snuff flick", you say "Scrapper"!
          Snuff flick! Scrapper!

          You say "lulzy", I say "murder!"
          Lulzy! Murder!



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